Ragged Point Inn

Ben and I are headed here tomorrow afternoon and will return Sunday. It’s a couples thing. There are about five going. Along with a few single tag-alongs but they are all lot’s ‘o fun so it should be a good time.

We have a dinner planned tomorrow. Then Hearst Castle on Saturday morning with lunch afterwards…. and lots of time alone in the room and the hot tub. 😉

Cassidy Rash Update: The doctor doesn’t think it’s allergies after all. He’s referred me to a dermatologist. I’ll call in the morning and make an appointment. He told me, “I really have never seen anything like this and I don’t even want to start guessing what it could be so I think you better see a specialist.” Way to make a mom feel better!!

No really, Dr Kim is a fabulous doctor. He can’t help the fact that Cassidy inherited my CRAZY gene. Medially that is. Hopefully she’s didn’t inherit the clinically crazy gene too.

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