Pencil + Nose x Sneeze = Blood

Marie called me today at work. When she got to the school to pick up the girls Cassidy had blood on the front of her shirt. She’d had a bloody nose. The teacher (substitute) could not give her a reason why. :< She had Cassidy get on the phone and this is what followed:

Cassidy: Hi Mommy.
Me: Hi, baby. What happened to your nose?
Cassidy: Aziz put a pencil up my nose and it made me sneeze and it bled.
Me: … … …
Me: What?!
Cassidy: Aziz put a pencil up my nose and it…
Me: Yes, I heard you. Why did you let him sitck a pencil up your nose, Cassidy?
Cassidy: I didn’t want him to!
Me: Cassidy, please don’t let people stick things up your nose.
Cassidy: Okay, momma.
Me: And don’t stick them up there yourself either.
Cassidy: Okay, momma.
Me: You are moving out as soon as you turn 18.
Cassidy: Okay, momma.

Cassidy: Can I go to the park now?

6 thoughts on “Pencil + Nose x Sneeze = Blood

  1. Yeah, I guess I was talking pretty loud when I told her not to let anybody stick anything up her nose and all the girls around found quite a bit of humor in it.

    That’s one thing I never thought I’d have to tell her!!

    I made her demonstrate to me what he did and snapped a picture. I’m really tempted to post it. heh

  2. Wow, I am speechless. Though I do love the classic innocence of children and agreeing with there parents, makes you wonder if she is even paying attention at times?

  3. Wonder?! HA! I KNOW! Cassidy is an absolute airhead. Airhead to the very core.

    She walks into walls daily because she’s not paying attention to where she’s going. I can give her a task to do and 10 minutes later she’ll come back and ask me what I told her to do becuase she got sidetracked along the way and forgot…

    She doesn’t like blood though so she scared herself straigt on this one.

    At six you get really used to repeating everything. All the time. We’ve talked about this at least 10 times since the day it happened. It’s sunk in. As for it happening in the first place… she’s six. Six happens. heh

  4. I remember in preschool a girl shoved a pencil up her nose and it broke off. She started freaking out and went to the teacher…That teacher got another teacher with long nails who yanked out the eraser and lemme tell you SO MUCH BLOOD.

    i, myself, just stuck to my finger. It was comfortable and reliable and never gave me nose bleeds.

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