Workin’ on up.

I started at the big S last year on July 12th. It hasn’t even been a year yet! Sheesh.

I started out doing plain old secretarial stuff. It sucked and I knew that I could do twice as well as the girls who were working above me. All of them were doing SO MANY EXTRA steps for evey task they had.

Now, less than a year later when my boss leaves town for a few days I’m in charge of 80% of the tasks he normally does (the tasks he does for OUR department, he has a few) and 100% of the ones that are mandatory, time sensative and important. Kinda feels good that I’ve been there less than a year and I see so many of my suggestions being used by everybody. And knowing that by speaking up I’ve seen new processes in place that are saving all of us LOADS of time.

I’m so totally not a slacker! 😛

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