She has my shopping gene.

It’s getting to be pool weather!!

Cassidy needed a bathing suit. She’s growing so fast I have to buy her new clothes like every other day now. So off to Target we went to find a new suit. I’m thinking 20 minutes tops. Like every other year we’d walk in, see a cute one, try it on for size and out the door we’d be.

She tried on 13. Well, three of them she tried on twice. So actually, she tried on 16. We could not choose ONE cute suit. First we choose SEVEN cute suits. All of which had to be tried on. Then we had to go back and choose FIVE MORE! All of which she tried on.

This one showed her breast if she bent her arm up and over her head. I don’t know why in any real world experience she’d ever do this… but while posing in the mirror it happened and it was a BIG deal so we moved on.
This one has a butterfly that covers the entire butt area. I thought it was very cute. She however thought this was “lame”. Moving on…
This one has boyshorts for bottoms. She did not like that as soon as she put it on. Then I made the mistake of calling them “boyshorts”, which is what the TAG SAYS THEY ARE CALLED and she ripped them off so fast I thouhgt maybe the were physically hurting her for a second.
I thought this one was very cute. Which I think made her discard it as an option immediately. She also didn’t like the cute little ruffle attatched to the top, said it wasn’t the right blue and didn’t like the straps. *slaps forhead*

Now, just imagine that process though 9 other suits.

She finally decided on these two:

And those two pictures are the only ones out of about 15 that aren’t America’s-Next-Top-Model-Poses that I refuse to post on my website because I don’t need perverts looking at them. She thinks she’s being cute and I’m hyperventilating a little more with each passing click of the camera…

I’m SCREWED PEOPLE!!! SCREWED. I’m so not ready for this. Make it STOP.

6 thoughts on “She has my shopping gene.

  1. HEHE!! Too funny!!! We bought suits this weekend for Brooklynn at Old Navy, $10 a pc, but we are in their last baby girl size 5T so our days are limited. She’s becoming quite opinionated but I’m so not looking forward to trying on 16 suits, btdt, argh!!!!!!!

  2. Oh BTW love the first suit VERY CUTE!!!!!!! Love the fact that she’s “striking a pose” too!!!! LOL!!!

  3. see the pose on the left is why I am a firm believer in gun rights. I could not imagine having a 6.58 year old that advanced. I would go nuts

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