What age are you?

You Are 32 Years Old


What Age Do You Act?

I normally don’t post these things. But question #6 asks what your dream career goal was and one of the options was ‘Test Video Games’ and I had to laugh because it was probably one of the anserws that would make you seem younger… and Ben’s 30!! HA!!

8 thoughts on “What age are you?

  1. The OC….I’m so freakin’ addicted. The girls and I all flock to the TV downstairs and eat ice cream and yell at stupid TV boys when they’re being stupid.

    I’m 26 according to that thing.

  2. I’ve managed to avoid the OC so far. If I start, I’ll never stop…

    So I’ll add it to the TiVo sched and check it out. heh

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