I know I’ve complained about this before…

But my periods are getting worse and worse. I’m going to have to go back to the doctor and they are going to have to DO SOMETHING about this. I laid on the couch and slept from about 5 till 9. Sleep is better than pain, getting nausiated everytime I eat and being so bloated I almost thought I wasn’t going to be able to get my ring off this morning. And I HAVE to drink water. I seriously start to get dehydrated if I go a few hours without it. I’ve ended up in the HOSPITAL before because of it.

I can’t be like this 1/4 of the month… every month. Ugh.

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  1. It does. But I stopped taking it because:
    1) I was spotting.. like ALL the time.
    2) I was taking the antibiotics so it was inaffective when it came time to start the new pack anyway.

    When I called the gyno about it she told me to give it another try. And to take them at EXACTLY the same time every day… which I did anyay. Like clockwork. I don’t know if I want to go that long again with the spotting and I still get some PMSey symptoms just not nearly as bad. So it’s like giving up one headache for another.

    I just dunno…

  2. My dr. advised that I avoid Seasonale for just that reason. So instead, even with the pill, I spend at least a day (usually two) in bed sleeping or hunched over and sleepy. Being a woman is wonderful.

  3. I took Seasonale for almost a year. I hated it. I am now on Depo Lupron, a shot that I have to get once a month (which I was on before, but I stopped being able to afford it for a while). I have endometriosis. Ask your doctor if you could have it too maybe?

  4. I do have it. Had it so bad, in fact, the doctor told me when I was 17 that I better plan on having kids young if I wanted them. It got a lot better when I had Cassidy. Getting pregnant is the best way to treat it, heh.

    It might be getting bad again. Although that pain was… different than this.

    I’ll make sure to ask her about that though. That was a good idea.

  5. My doctor said the same thing, but the future isn’t looking too bright for me. :`(

    Ectopic pregnancy? Cysts?

  6. That’s another thing. I used to get cysts all the time, too. But since being pregnant I’ve had maybe 10 total.

    When I found out I was pregnant I didn’t believe it. The day before I took the test I’d stopped what I thought was my period. I bled for 3 days. Then the pregnancy test came out positive!! And I was on the pill!!

    I was SO sick that I literally laid on the couch and didn’t move for three days, threw up everything I ate including water so my mom came and got me and rushed me down to her work to do an ultrasound. My doctor and she both thought I had to be eptopic… between the bleeding, the fever, and the throwing up my doctor was worried that I might be septic.

    But there was the peanut.. and I mean that literally. A little peanut. In my uterus. Right where it should be.

    I contintued to be that sick for another two weeks. Then it slowly died down till all of the sudden, the first day or my second triamester, it was gone. Thank the lord of every religion for that because I LOST 7 pounds in the first tiamester!!

    After that it was smooth sailing.

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