Making Friends

At Cassidy’s Walk-A-Thon last Wednesday I sat with her new best friend’s mom. I say new but they’ve been pretty close for about for months now. So much so that the teacher has had to sit them at opposite ends of the room to get them to concentrate.

Her mother, Marie, is about three months younger than me and we hit it off right away. We have a lot in common. Had children young, were single parents for awhile, have to deal with dumbass ex-husbands, new men who are fabulous, etc. We made a play date for the girls to get together at a really cool park in Campbell today complete with water feature area’s, cool climbing area’s… it was the coolest park I’ve seen in a long time. We ended up staying for about three hours. The girls had a blast and Marie and I got to know more about each other.

It’s great because it’s really hard to find other women that are my age with kids that are Cassidy’s age. We’ve already talked about getting together to take the kids to the aquarium and Bonfante Gardens.

Ben’s pointed out to me on more than one occasion (one of them being early last week, heh) that I haven’t really gone out of my way to make any new friends here… and that I really need to. But the girls at work are just too… stupid, annoying, catty, did I mention annoying?? Seriously, maybe two of them voted in the last presidential election, a handful of them understand the war in Iraq or could even hold an informative conversation about it for more than 1 minute, knew who Terri Schiavo was… it’s actually kind of discouraging to see that many uninformed women out there.

Anyway, funny how things just kinda work out and I found somebody to hang out with. YAY!

Alexis & Cassidy

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