At work, during lunch and breaks, I surf the web. So what, don’t act like you don’t do it too. *stares at Ben*

There are a few sites that I’ve grown to really enjoy reading during these little breaks and the whitty humor of folks like Busymom.net keep me laughing (SEE: sane) throughout the day. 🙂

Go visit her, she’s a hoot.

Strep V2.1

The Benjamin has strep. It came on with a vengence. Minor sore throat Monday to full blown can’t swollow his own saliva Wednesday. He couldn’t even talk yesterday. If I wanted to have a conversation, we’d have to sit at our computers and I’d talk and he’d respond via AIM while spitting into a glass.

My poor Benjamin. 🙁


So, so, so tired. I got the cold Ben had all week last week so I’ve been blowing obscene amounts of muces from my nose while going non-stop for three days.

Such a fun weekend. So many beautiful cars. Awsome drive all the way down Hwy 1 today.

More details tomorrow when I can form more coherent sentences. And pictures too!! 😀

Here is, BY FAR, the most droolworthy goodness. $440,000 and, I’m sure, worth every last penny.


So I went in. Still had no idea whatsoever what I wanted. So a girl with really funky hair ended up working on me. So I took a leap of faith and told her, shorter but still longish and drastically layered. She said, is a little funky okay and I said yes right away and told her to do whatever she thought would look best..

And I have to say that I really love it!! These aren’t the best “poses” but I need to get the camera batteries out of the camera and charged for a trip this weekend so I’ll take some fun makeup poses later.

*licks finger, touches ass, hears sizzle* 😉

P.S. – My brow area is still a little red from the waxing! DOH!


I’m getting my hair cut today. I’m not really sure how yet though. I want something “styled” and “layered” but not hard to take care of. I want shorter but still want long hair…

I’m just going to look through books when I get there and pick something out. I usually do better and end up happier when I don’t over think these things.

Wish me luck. *crosses fingers*

Oh yeah! I’m getting my brows done too because I’m sick of trying to shape them and either plucking too much and having NONE or too little and having small forests above my eyes. HA!

Lock Down

Our building is on lock down. I guess customer service really has a patient pissed off and she’s making some pretty nasty threats.

We are all pretty lax about just holding the door for people to get in while we are entering the building without looking at security badges. Monday I forgot my badge and not a single person asked for ID and I have to go through two doors that require security badges to get to my desk.

Normally this is just an annoyance because you have to wait till somebody comes along with a badge to open the door. I feel sorry for a person who forgets one today because they are making people drive home to get them and 90% of the people commute.

Although, seeing as I’m one of the three girls that spends all day SENDING money to patients, not COLLECTING it, I think I’m safe. 😉

She has my shopping gene.

It’s getting to be pool weather!!

Cassidy needed a bathing suit. She’s growing so fast I have to buy her new clothes like every other day now. So off to Target we went to find a new suit. I’m thinking 20 minutes tops. Like every other year we’d walk in, see a cute one, try it on for size and out the door we’d be.

She tried on 13. Well, three of them she tried on twice. So actually, she tried on 16. We could not choose ONE cute suit. First we choose SEVEN cute suits. All of which had to be tried on. Then we had to go back and choose FIVE MORE! All of which she tried on.

This one showed her breast if she bent her arm up and over her head. I don’t know why in any real world experience she’d ever do this… but while posing in the mirror it happened and it was a BIG deal so we moved on.
This one has a butterfly that covers the entire butt area. I thought it was very cute. She however thought this was “lame”. Moving on…
This one has boyshorts for bottoms. She did not like that as soon as she put it on. Then I made the mistake of calling them “boyshorts”, which is what the TAG SAYS THEY ARE CALLED and she ripped them off so fast I thouhgt maybe the were physically hurting her for a second.
I thought this one was very cute. Which I think made her discard it as an option immediately. She also didn’t like the cute little ruffle attatched to the top, said it wasn’t the right blue and didn’t like the straps. *slaps forhead*

Now, just imagine that process though 9 other suits.

She finally decided on these two:

And those two pictures are the only ones out of about 15 that aren’t America’s-Next-Top-Model-Poses that I refuse to post on my website because I don’t need perverts looking at them. She thinks she’s being cute and I’m hyperventilating a little more with each passing click of the camera…

I’m SCREWED PEOPLE!!! SCREWED. I’m so not ready for this. Make it STOP.

Little bitty Princess

I’ve started scanning old photo’s of Cassidy and putting them in her gallery. I see these old picture and it’s hard to remember a time when she was that little.

She’s so BIG now. And she talks. Non stop. And she wants to wear her bra to bed. And skirts all the time. And she’s started spelling out the cuss words I should not be saying*. And as much as I miss that little innocent baby, I love the little lady I get to see now. I want to be her best friend. And untill she hit’s puberty I’m going to continue to hold onto that fantasy. 😀

*You’d all be so proud of me. I only cussed THREE TIMES today!!