Saturday: Basic Bed – 10 minutes
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Basic Bed – 14 minutes
Tuesday: VIP Bed – 12 minutes
Wednesday: OMG THE PAIN

I hardly ever burn. And I tan very fast. At work on Tuesday, two girls noticed that I was darker and wanted to know how I got that way so fast. These beds are also, by far, the best beds I’ve ever used. I was amazed at how quickly I was picking up color. Even the girls that worked at the tanning salon were amazed at how quickly I was browning.

So Tuesday, I decided that I had enough of a base tan to take advantage of my VIP membership and hop up to a more powerful bed with a shorter time. BIG mistake. HUGE.

I’d take pictures but I literally burned from my crotch to the top of my chest. But let me just say… it’s bad. And it’s painful to have on a bra and panties… *ugh*

I heal fast after burns though. Which is a good thing because I’m more upset about the fact that I can’t go tan because I’m burnt.

Yes, I’m crazy. Ben tells me this every day. 😉

8 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Now, this is nuts, but….I go tan the day after I burn. For our or so minutes. It wastes a session, but it always helps the pain. Anyway. I’ve been home for a week and the little heart on my hip is starting to fade! It’s addicting.

  2. Jesus Christ. You are a masochist!!!

    I heal quickly. And I’m actually pretty tan right now after only three sessions. I’ll take some after pics when I get home and show you the difference from some pictures I took about a week ago. It’s crazy.

    My “lower portions” are very pink and I really don’t want it to get worse “there”. By Saturday I should be good to go. 😀

  3. I don’t know why, but the burn doesn’t get worse. I have a really REALLY dark tan the next day, though.

  4. We are paying homage you Anna. 90 proof Rootbeer schnapps and dr. pepper. I felt the need to say thank you. This will take approximately 77.234 minutes to post because Daniel’s computer is a pile.

  5. Jessica layed in some kind of monster bed the other day. It is the first time she has tanned since last summer and it made her a crispy critter. I pretty much had to saute her in lotion for about three days. She pretty much never burns so seeing her try to handle this has been funny with the exception of my baby in pain.

  6. I’m surprised they let her go all out the first time. Usually they make you work up to the big beds.

    Poor girl. I’m feeling her pain!!

  7. please be careful about burning. there is nothing good about burning even if it seems to be what opens the gates to tanning bliss once the red dies down. A burn is a burn and it GREATLY increases your chances for skin cancer in the future. Next time, cut your time dramatically even if it means many more sessions. I know I could take the full 22 minutes off the pill, now that I started again yesterday I’ll be back down to 16 minutes otherwise I begin to burn on my legs in particular.

    I know some have been tanning for years, but my dad had melanoma so I am very concerned about people burning themselves to get a tan. Truth sent me this awesome site about tanning and I’ll have to post it from work. But tanning is far better protection against skin cancer than living life pale under 75 SPF sunscreen, but you want to avoid burning whenever possible!

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