The internet is a black hole.

I join site’s like LJ and MySpace and Xanga because everybody else does. Yes, I’d jump off the bridge too. I mainly join these things because so many people use them and I like the ability to post non-anonymously. Because when I rant speak my mind I like people to know who is attacking them commenting.

Put your thinking caps on because this is about to get confusing.

I originally joined LJ because Kristin rocks and I love getting to read/comment on her whitty entries. (Too bad YOU can’t!! HA! Well, unless you are on her friends list. But I digress..) Jon is on her friends list and I found his LJ though there. He’s a cool kid.

Last night I was reading Jon’s LJ when I saw that she had commented. Now, being the completely-nosey-I-have-to-know-everything-about-everybody-all-the-time-OMG (SEE ALSO: CNIHTKEAEATTO) person that I am, I followed the link to her profile. The only thing of interest in her profile was the link to her MySpace profile. So I had to follow that because.. well, I’m CNIHTKEAEATTO!

It’s my cousin, Katie! Let’s recap: Anna -> Kristin -> Jon -> Katie. It’s always interesting when you come across somebody online that you know IRL (In Real Life, sheesh). Well, I couldn’t stop there so I, of course, looked at her friends list and there is Sarah, her sister! (Also my cousin for those of you who lost me at Kristin.) Sarah also has a blurty blog which means that I’m going to be required to join that community also.

Sarah rocks because she’s the one that stole the key so we could trash her brother’s room when he got married a few months ago. Not that I’m implying I had ANYTHING to do with that, Jarrett. Because I didn’t. It was all my dad, Cherie and Uncle Tim. 😀

Anyway, this is all kinda cool because I’m much better about keeping up with people that I can contact online. Even if I have to log on to 1341354 different web communities to do so.

Oh yeah! Eu, who really got me started in the bloggosphere know’s Sarah and Katie’s brother, Jarrett. And the world continue’s to shrink…

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  1. not to mention one of the people on SARAH’S friend’s list in MySpace is my daycare lady’s SON! JESUS. Is it MYSPACE or is it Bakersfield…I suspect the latter 😉

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