3 thoughts on “I’m Irish!

  1. Thanks for your opinion. However, why do you comment at my domain when it is obvious that you do not like me/I do not like you? It seems like a waste of valuable time in my opinion.
    Also, I have an opinion regarding your layout. I think you should have enhanced the saturation on your image and you definitely shouldn’t have saved it as .JPG because now it is super sketchy. The colors are cute though.

  2. You are fucking insane. You’re right, maybe I should have saved it as a .png so it takes 325435454 minutes to load.

    And if the color looks off in your monitor maybe you should scrap your shitty monitor or consider using a more powerful video card. Because there’s nothing wrong with the saturation at all… but this is coming from somebody who saturates the piss out of EVERY picture.

    Seriously, that went out of style about 3 years ago.

  3. Holy WRONG FUCKING POST Batman!

    Anna’s image is fine, and her site has always looked good in Firefox. She’s never had a problem with massive amounts of dead space or her site NOT BEING VISIBLE. Arg. Plus, Anna could be just a bit more creative than taking the same picture of an over hyper actress, using it twice, and basing it with an over played and not very good song to begin with.

    The stupidity, it plagues.

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