Strep Throat v2.0

Yes, it’s strep. Thankfully this time I have insurnace. So I didn’t wait a week to do something about it and end up waiting in an emergency room for 4 hours unable to swollow my own saliva and in so much pain I wanted them to just KILL ME!!!

Anyway, I have insurance now. And Penicillin. YAY!

I’m really glad now that I didn’t go to see Princess Brooklynn because I’d probably have infected her and most of her family!! I’d have been kissing her all over… how could you NOT kiss something so freaking cute!!

I’m home on doctors orders today. Supposed to stay home tomorrow but I’ve become slightly obsessed with watching my Paid Time Off days add up on my paychecks and today I blew 8 of them!!! And I hate staying home.

P.S. – I took Cassidy to the doctor for an eye problem about a month ago and had them weigh me too while she was getting weighed and according to their scales, I’ve dropped 5.5 pounds. w00t!!

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