Conversations with Cassidy: What next?!

Cassidy and I were watching the Oprah where she has a surprise baby shower for 650 pregnanat army wives… all from the same town!! At one time!*

Anyway, they were profiling some of the wives in the show and being pregnant, of course, they were a tad bit disturbingly emotional and talking about falling in love and such. I’m watching the sappy women when Cassidy looks straight at me and this is what followed:

Cassidy: Mom, I know what gay is.
Me: *chokes on water* Really?
Cassidy: *nods*
Me: *Maybe if I don’t say anything she’ll drop it*
Cassidy: *keeps looking at me*
Me: * Shit. She’s not going to drop it.* What is it?
Cassidy: It’s when a boy loves a boy or a girl loves a girl.
Me: Yes, that’s what it is.
Cassidy: But not the way you love me. It’s like LOVE love. Like if you were a boy and you loved Ben. Or Ben was a girl and he loved you. But you aren’t. You are a girl and Ben is a boy so you aren’t gay.
Me: *Oh God make it stop*
Cassidy: *keeps looking at me*

Cassidy: Can I have some Oreo’s?
Me: Yes. Go get some. *If you stop talking you can have all the cookies you want.*
Cassidy: YAY!! *runs to get cookies*

WTF is going on?! Periods. Sexual orientation. What’s next??? Wait, don’t answer that.

* Warning: If you happen to be visiting Fort Campbell Army Base in Kentucky, do not drink the water.)

6 thoughts on “Conversations with Cassidy: What next?!

  1. hahaha… like i said… I can just picture this group of girls under a tree in the playground… today is wednesday and they’re whispering about what “so-and-so’s brother said about what gay is”… haha

  2. ROFLMAO!!!! OMG Cassidy is too funny!!! But hey worldly knowledge is a good thing right?

    I saw that Oprah episode too and wondered where the hell Oprah was when I was pregnant, I could have used some of those goodies, hehe!! That and one of those Pontiac G-6’s she/Pontiac gave away not long ago.

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