So, I fixed the space in the table under the title picture. I laughed out loud when I checked the site in Mozilla and it looked right while in IE the table was adding funny table spaces. That’s the FIRST time it’s ever worked in Mozilla right off the bat and NOT in IE. It was like I was in Bizarro world or something. Anyhow, I was busy being really lazy today so I didn’t really get to do anything else to the site. heh 🙂

Blame it on Cassidy. She forced me to watch Mean Girls again… I’m completely embarrassed at how funny I find that movie.

1 thought on “Lazy!

  1. You mentioned the space yesterday and I thought one of us was nuts. Well, that is mostly right since we’re both nuts, but it looked FINE to me (I love this layout, so, heh). Then I realized it was probably a Mozilla thing, checked it out in IE and laughed my ass off. heh.

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