After two weeks I was finally given the okay to hit the gym again. Worked the arms. Head never hurt. Arms are in excruciating pain.

Pain. Excruciating.

New layout is finally in the works. Should be up by end of weekend.

Must stop moving arms now. Will post more when it does’t hurt my arms when I blink. heh :thumb:

2 thoughts on “Finally

  1. That’s AWESOME! Gotta love the pain. No pain, no gain.

    Sadly, I thought fersure I’d be sore after Monday/Tuesday.. but not really… 🙁 Nonetheless, I know my abs are looking better and my pregnancy pooch is slowly shrinking!

  2. Glad your HA’s are gone and your back with it Anna! As for me, I cannot fricking move! Seriously we did lower body today and if I have to bend down to pick up something it’s all over for me, I’ll just stay there and die!:evil:

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