Saturday: Basic Bed – 10 minutes
Sunday: Closed
Monday: Basic Bed – 14 minutes
Tuesday: VIP Bed – 12 minutes
Wednesday: OMG THE PAIN

I hardly ever burn. And I tan very fast. At work on Tuesday, two girls noticed that I was darker and wanted to know how I got that way so fast. These beds are also, by far, the best beds I’ve ever used. I was amazed at how quickly I was picking up color. Even the girls that worked at the tanning salon were amazed at how quickly I was browning.

So Tuesday, I decided that I had enough of a base tan to take advantage of my VIP membership and hop up to a more powerful bed with a shorter time. BIG mistake. HUGE.

I’d take pictures but I literally burned from my crotch to the top of my chest. But let me just say… it’s bad. And it’s painful to have on a bra and panties… *ugh*

I heal fast after burns though. Which is a good thing because I’m more upset about the fact that I can’t go tan because I’m burnt.

Yes, I’m crazy. Ben tells me this every day. 😉

The internet is a black hole.

I join site’s like LJ and MySpace and Xanga because everybody else does. Yes, I’d jump off the bridge too. I mainly join these things because so many people use them and I like the ability to post non-anonymously. Because when I rant speak my mind I like people to know who is attacking them commenting.

Put your thinking caps on because this is about to get confusing.

I originally joined LJ because Kristin rocks and I love getting to read/comment on her whitty entries. (Too bad YOU can’t!! HA! Well, unless you are on her friends list. But I digress..) Jon is on her friends list and I found his LJ though there. He’s a cool kid.

Last night I was reading Jon’s LJ when I saw that she had commented. Now, being the completely-nosey-I-have-to-know-everything-about-everybody-all-the-time-OMG (SEE ALSO: CNIHTKEAEATTO) person that I am, I followed the link to her profile. The only thing of interest in her profile was the link to her MySpace profile. So I had to follow that because.. well, I’m CNIHTKEAEATTO!

It’s my cousin, Katie! Let’s recap: Anna -> Kristin -> Jon -> Katie. It’s always interesting when you come across somebody online that you know IRL (In Real Life, sheesh). Well, I couldn’t stop there so I, of course, looked at her friends list and there is Sarah, her sister! (Also my cousin for those of you who lost me at Kristin.) Sarah also has a blurty blog which means that I’m going to be required to join that community also.

Sarah rocks because she’s the one that stole the key so we could trash her brother’s room when he got married a few months ago. Not that I’m implying I had ANYTHING to do with that, Jarrett. Because I didn’t. It was all my dad, Cherie and Uncle Tim. 😀

Anyway, this is all kinda cool because I’m much better about keeping up with people that I can contact online. Even if I have to log on to 1341354 different web communities to do so.

Oh yeah! Eu, who really got me started in the bloggosphere know’s Sarah and Katie’s brother, Jarrett. And the world continue’s to shrink…


Well, shorts weather is here for sure. So when I put them on for the first time this year I remembered how bad untan legs really look. And damn, mine are UNtan!

So I signed up and had my first session at Planet Beach today. w00t. I tan really fast. Thank the lord. At the mall today somebody had to actually shield their eyes my legs are so blindingly bright. heh

Comments (cont.)

I made the comments popup again. I just like them better that way. Plus, they can be full of cuteness.

I have to just say really fast what an improvement that WordPress made with the 1.5 upgrade. I really had doubts when I first started using it and just used it for it’s blogging ability and nothing else. Then the comment spam started and I considered moving to MovableType because I’ve heard great things about it’s BlackList.

When 1.5 came out I decided to give it one more try and WHAT a difference! There are so many added USABLE features and I’ve had ONE spam comment get through the blacklist. ONE. Before this I was averaging about 400-500 a week. It’s fabulous. For no other reason than I was sick and tired of the damn spam.

The PHP is different and it took some time to wade through all the changes but I’m really happy I took the time to do so. Because it’s now a program that I am HAPPY to have rather than the black hole pit of hell I though it was three weeks ago. 😀

Oh yeah, I also added the contact section again which I realize was long overdue. I’m down to just needing to finish the ‘Me’ section and get a new layout for the ‘Views’ photolog so I can start adding to that again. I miss it. Photography is a silly hobby that I love. I suck at it and have no eye for art whatsoever but it amuses me anyway.

Then I’ve been thinking about adding reviews or some other kind of project. Ben suggested once to have a restaurant review section. I’m a bit of a food snob so that would be kinda cool. I dunno, we’ll see. If I start adding stuff like that I might have to rething navigation…

Ehhh, thought about this too much tonight. Going to bed now. I’ll leave you with a picture of my toothless diva daughter.


If you commented and it didn’t show up, I wasn’t deleteing your comments. WordPress has a new moderation process. The first time you comment since the upgrade it has to be approved. Once you are approved that first time it remembers you and it’s not necessary again.

I didn’t catch that it wasn’t emailing me to let me know that there were awaiting comments needing moderation. I’m gonna look into it.

Blah Blah Blah Blah…

We’ve been trying to break Cassidy from the ‘Um” word. She uses it about three times per sentence. It seems as if when we broke her from the word ‘like’ she replaced it with the word ‘um’.

What Ben does is tell her, ‘Start over again, take a deep breath and say what you have to say all in one breath.’ She can say A LOT in one breath. So today after telling her to do that and her getting out what she needed to say ‘um’ free this followed:

Ben: See, you can say a lot in one breath and without the word ‘um’!!
Cassidy: *nods*
Ben: Can you tell me how you are going to do it from now on?
Cassidy: I’m going to take a deep breath and then say what I need to say like *takes a deep breath* blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Like that.
Me: *laughing*
Ben: *laughing* You’re going to blog that, right?

Who taught her how to say ‘blah’?! sheesh!


I took yesterday off. It’s a good thing too because I slept all day. I worked today then ran some errands afterwards and now I’m reeally feeling how big of a mistake that was.

Going to take my last antibiotic for the day and pass out… literally.

I’ll leave you with an email I sent Ben today about one of my coworkers that I’ve been having a bit of a rough time with:

So I managed to get a few hours without *insert coworkers name here* ‘wisdom’.

Her: Are you going to the truck? (He comes in the morning and at lunch)
Me: No.
Her: How are you feeling?
Me: Tired. My body is still healing. But it’s only one day, I can make it.
Her: You need to start taking vitamins.
Me: I take a multi-vitamin every day.
Her: Well you’re always sick
Me: It must be my lack of exercise and horrible eating habits.
Her: *thinks for a minute, gets it, walks away*

I really don’t need a diabetic who is 150 pounds overweight and
constantly causing her blood sugar to go sky high by eating candy and
drinking soda and who exercises at Curves once a month to tell me how
to be healthy. I think she got the point.

I wasn’t in the best mood today. heh

By the way, Curves is the biggest joke ever. But that will have to wait for another post on another day when passing out isn’t in the very near future.