Ben made me wait till we were at dinner saturday to open my V-day gift. Which of course he wrapped in this usual NetGear router box. He has wrapped something in that for the last 3 holiday’s. At least.

Anyway, I did not expect at ALL what I got. I got a ring and matching earrings. The most beautiful that I’ve ever owned. They are just SO me. White gold like I love, and the diamonds in a flower layout. 🙂 It’s something that had I been there myself, I know I would have picked. He knows me well.

Thanks, Ben. For once again giving me the best Valentines Day yet. 😳 *kiss*

3 thoughts on “Bling

  1. Beautiful jewelry! I love how diamonds sparkle. Just be careful about rearending people when you’re hypnotized by the sparkly in the sunlight while driving if you’re wearing this on your left hand… trust me…I’ve had some close calls. hahah

  2. hehe I know what you mean. I absolutley love the way they sparkle. When I find myself most enchanted is in a darkened room when there is hardly any light but the ring manages to find all the light it needs to sparkle SO bright.

    It’s on my right hand. For some reason, my left hand is rebelling against me wearing a ring on it. I’m totally not kidding so stop laughing.

    Every time I put a ring on that finger it literally turns red where the ring is touching it and the skin starts to PEEL OFF and leaves a scar that looks just like a burn. I thought maybe the diamond heart ring that Ben gave me for V-day three years ago was getting too tight.. but I’ve been LOSING weight??? Since then I’ve tried to wear multiple rings on that hand some extremely to big, some that fix, fake bling, gold, silver.. you name it, I get the same reaction. ONLY on that hand. I can wear any of the rings on my right hand and it’s fine. It’s the strangest thing I’ve evern seen.

    Besides, it’s not THAT kind of ring. 😉 Trust me, when there’s one of those the whole World will know. 😉

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