-My head is still hurting a tad. I’ve been sticking to my diet but per the nurse I need to take it really easy at the gym. I’m really hating that. I like my biceps. And I can’t make them bigger till I can push them again. Go away nasty headache!!

-The card a day plan has gone off wonderfully. On Wednesday I bought him 12 red heart mylar balloons and took them to nVidia. All the girls there could not believe that a GIRL had done that for her boyfriend. Women can be so catty. They expect the perfect Valentines but they don’t so shit in return. It’s felt absolutley wonderful to spoil Ben a little. And he’s been enjoying it so much that I don’t want to stop!!!

When I came home today there was a box of See’s chocolates on my desk and I got a a bunch of pretty red and white roses**. 🙂 I’m excited about tomorrow. Instead of getitng Ben a present he opted to have some extra parts installed on the car today and call that his Valentines Gift.

-In the last week or two there have been SO many times that I’ve wanted to post about work happenings. Some of the stuff that goes on there and the pettyness of the women just amazes me. I’ve never had to deal with women like that.. let alone that MANY of them and I just shake my head in utter disbelief sometimes. I’m really careful and NEVER even MENTION the fact that I have a personal website but the risk of losing a $20 an hour job with fully paid benefits is just not something I’m too keen on. I might just start password protecting some of the posts. Because seriously people, it’s just too comical sometimes NOT to make fun of them. heh

-Cassidy lose her third tooth and three more are REALLY loose. We are shopping for dentures now.

Have a good weekend all!! 🙂

P.S. – Chris I swear to God I have not forgotten you. I’ll post really soon!! :mrgreen:

**Yes. My desk is an absolute mess. SO WHAT?!

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