What a weekend!!

Saturday I got up at 8:00AM (!!!) and did laundry since I knew that I would not have time to do it the rest of the weekend. At noon I drove Ben to pick up the M3. It looks fabulous. They did an awsome job of matching and blending the hood and fenders to match the rest of the car. Then I took The Princess in for a hair cut which she’s been begging me for for over a month now. Got home from the haircut at about 2:30, showered, packed and was out the door at 3:15 to drop off Cassidy at my moms and head to Bakersfield.

Got to Bakersfield at 8:00PM and headed straight to Frugatti’s to meet Charlie and Lisa for Garlic Chicken Calzone DELUX. *starts drooling* Finished up with them and headed over to Dan’s to give him The Granny. We were supposed to hang out with Chris but he had prior plans he could not break so we ended up hanging out with Dan, his new roomate Chris (funny fellow) and Dickie till about 2:00AM when we crashed out on Dan’s couch.

*deep breath*

Woke up at 6:30AM Sunday and had eaten and were back on Interstate 5 by 7:20AM. Got home about 11ish, showered, went shopping for food and headed to Sil’s to watch the big game. Ate too much. Felt like I wanted to never ever eat another bite of food in my entire life and considered possibly giving up free days alltogether. Got Cassidy as soon as the game was over (I was missing her a lot), visited with my mom for a bit, came home, answered some email and passed out about 9:30PM.

I need a few days to recover from the weekend. heh

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