Valentines Day

I got all of my Valentine’s prep work done today. I thought of a cute idea that will make Valentines last longer and be a little more fun. I’ll post about it in a password protected post later so all you girlies can hear about it but the man can not. HA!

We are going to head to Bakersfield tomorrow to take Dan the Granny. I’ll really miss that car. So much fun, so many races, too much nitrous… 😉

We plan on trying to catch ChrisA and his beautiful fiance Alicia for dinner while we’re there. Even if we have to pull Chris away from work for an hour or two. I have biceps now. I’m very capable of kicking a man’s ass. :mrgreen:

And with that I’m off to get ready to go to the gym. Have a good weekend all. If I don’t post again for three days it’s safe to assume that my period FUCKING KILLED ME.

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