The Princess is on her way home.

She sh0uld be here in less than five hours. I enjoyed my two week vacation but I am SO ready to have my baby home. SO READY.

6 thoughts on “The Princess is on her way home.

  1. Now that I’m a mom, I too, feel your pain. We left Noah with a babysitter for the second time on New Years and I thought about him most of the night. When we were in Texas we left him with grandma twice but that was grandma. Does she really count? The child expert! The relief came when I found out that he slept the entire time we were gone. :dance:

    So happy your little princess is home.:littleheart:

  2. I tried to keep myself really busy so that I’d not miss her as much. It’s really hard during the Holiday’s but she was needing to spend some time with her daddy and I knew it was for her own good.

    They were way late getting here and by the time they arrived I was practically climbing the walls. 😳

  3. Glad Cass had a safe trip. I can’t imagine the traffic they must had hit! We picked up the kids in Barstow and it was a 9 hour trip!! 😯

  4. It took Billie 6 1/2 hours get here. I started to feel bad till I realized when I walked up to the truck that Cassidy was crying HYSTARICALLY and instead of Billie trying to calm her done SHE WAS CRYING TOO! I was pissed. Be an adult. For one fucking time in your life woman, be the adult!

    And Cassidy wasn’t in her car seat… again. So unfortunatley I have to be the bad guy and tell Troy that Billie can’t be the one to pick her up or drop her off anymore. I’ve REPEATEDLY told her Cassidy is to be in the carseat at ALL times and I’m done telling.


  5. Oh no!!!! :bs: I’ve had the experience with the carseat so I TOTALLY understand. I guess even more so now I am glad she had made it safe. I couldn’t imagine even myself not having a seatbelt with all that traffic. It was horendous!! Hope she’s feeling better and the tears didn’t last long. Tell her we said hi 😀

  6. Nah, within two minutes I had her laughing and she was as happy as could be. I’m just glad to have her home with me. I missed her SOOOOOOOOOOOObad.

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