Fat Be Gone

So… Ben’s dad and beautiful step-mom Kandy got me a gift card for Gap for Christmas. I was in DIRE need of some new pants as my favorite pair now has a hole in the knee due to a stair-rain-fall incident. My second pair suddnly grew a hole in the crotch that’s rather small but since I don’t own any neutral color panties whenever I wear the jeans I can hear my crotch screaming LOOK AT ME AND MY BRIGHT PANTIES!!! That leaves me with about five pair of jeans that my ass has outgrown in the last six months.

*jumps back six months* I started that new antidepressant. I took it for about two months and had to stop because it was making my heart beat REALLY weird. And it would drasticaly lower my blood pressure so if I stood up I’d damn near pass out. It was supposed to help me sleep at night and it did that… but it would make me so loopy when I took it that I’d literally be incoherant. AND it made me gain insane amounts of weight. Like, fast. One of the side effects was breast growth. (Ben actallly discovered that while reading about it. HA!) And they did. That was about the only plus side!

Then I started the new birth control, MORE WEIGHT. Not having a period for three months… AWSOME. Gaining more weight.. CRAP!

Anyway, this combined with going from a job where I was on my feet for 8 hours running all over a store and climbing up and down stairs to retrieve heavy boxes to a job where my ass gets 8 hours of chair time has just sent me into this totally unhealthy state.

*Back to the present and the Gap* When I went to try on jeans I literally freaked out. I could not believe that I had to get a size TWO SIZES bigger than what I bought SIX MONTHS ago. I just stood there looking in the mirror, mouth wide open, staring at myelf in utter horror. I’ve never been real skinny. But I’ve always had a really athletic build. I played A LOT of sports when I was young and I had a ‘fit’ body. I decided right then that there was no way I was going to let this continue. I have to lose weight.

Here’s where it gets good. I went to the gym last night. (IPOD’s kick ASS at the gym.) I get on the treadmill. A year ago when Ben and I were working out regularly (four times a week) I was running for 30 minutes at a time.. easily. Yesterday I did a fast walk for about 10 minutes to warm up and started jogging and after FIVE minutes I had to stop because if literally felt like my heart was going to explode and I got really close to feeling like I might black out from lack of oxygen. FIVE MINUTES!

That was a real wake up call for me. Putting on weight is one thing but to be that out of shape is SO unhealthy. Bad for my heart, my lungs, my digestive system… it’s just BAD.

So it’s not just a matter of losing weight at this point, it’s a matter of for my health and well being, I have to get back into shape.

Eating habits have to change and exercise has to become a priority again. I did okay today. Had some fruit for breakfast, a salad with low fat dressing for lunch, then BAM! they had brownies at the orientation and I gave in. Now I look back and I’m really mad at myself for doing that.

I tried to make up for it by doing 30 minutes on the eliptical machine on the weightloss setting (OMG KICKED MY ASS) for 30 minutes about an hour ago but still! If I had just not had that brownie and still dod the eliptical machine I’d have been MUCH better off now!

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  1. I’m in the same boat. After I stopped taking the antidepessants I gained weight AGAIN because it freaked my system out this on top of the fact that I eat like crazy when I’m depressed. I then tried BFL and the food plan didn’t work for me, at all. I didn’t have a consistant daily schedule and my body is so damn picky it didn’t work and I was eating MORE FOOD than usual. Not good.

    Weight sucks, but you’re determined and you’ll lose it quickly. Cheers to ya!

  2. That’s too bad it didn’t work for you Kristen, how long did you try to stick with it? Did you have a chance to post on any BFL websites? Alot of various people and types post on Lean and Strong, and its an infinite wealth of information and help.

    Good luck Anna, dealing with weight SUCKS, especially now that we’re adults 🙁 Especially when you’re a food lover… sometimes I just need something in my mouth (ie, sugarfree gum) just to CHEW on something..

  3. I’m the same way.. Especially at work. I did some reading on some BFL sites today about some good ‘snacks’ that are balanced. I figure I can wait the few hours between. I’m gonna see if I can do it at work first because that’s the hardest time. If I can stick to the schedule at work for two weeks, I’m gonna give BFL a real try since I’m doing the cardio and weights anyway.

  4. one thing that helped me was gum.. but i also found gum to be bad in the fact that it wasn’t helping break any habits.. just supplementing them. But always having the water there helped me. By drinking the water I’m always full and it is quite refreshing.

  5. I tried of three weeks, but at that point I was so off the schedule for the diet it wasn’t funny. I took that diet and my eating habits/schedule to one of the school dietitians (man, I love all the free stuff that school has) and we came up with a meal plan that should work best for me. I’m really excited to get back down to school and see how it works.

  6. Im sorry, but i think im the only bigger girl on here, but ive gained alot of weight due to alot of things. It seems like your saying people that have weight gain and cant breath when they run are bad people. I have learned to love my body, yeah i might be considered obese and yeah id like to lose a few pounds. But im not going to be obsessed with it. I love my boobs and i love shoping and it seems like your not having trouble finding clothes so you couldnt of gained so much you cant wear GAP clothes. Which the only thing there i cant wear is there stretch tees, which i love. But if your unhappy then do something about it which it seems like your doing that. But thats just my 2 cents.

  7. If you read my psot you see that when I got really concered was when I went to the gym and realized that I was SO out of shape.

    I’m not 14. Being out of shape is a MUCH bigger deal at 26. The age of heart attacks, breast/ovarian cancer, high colestrol are much closer. All of those things run in my family. The best way to prevent those things is to make sure that I’m as healthy as possible.

  8. At your age, no you don’t.

    I’m not judging anybody. I’m making a positive life desision for ME. *I* need to do this to better my health situation now and in the future. I’ve had aunts diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancer at my age. In three years I have to start having a colonoscopy once a year because I had a grandma die at a VERY young age of colon cancer.

    Three years seems like a lot to somebody who will still be in hisghchool at the end of it… but not to somebody who’s child will be 9 at the end of it.

    It’s not about who has a bigger chance of being unhealthy. It’s that if I get diagnosed with one of these things I need my body to be as healthy as possible going into it because I’ve witnessed first had what chemotherapy and cancer can do to a person.

    I have a better chance at fighting these things when they happen or helping prevent them from ever happening. And at my age I can’t ignore these things anymore.

  9. Well i dont know if you know this and you havent saw me for a while so im about 260 and 5’10 and im about 50-75 pounds over weight, my risk of diabeties is sooo high because many ppl in family have it. but im not worried about,like my dad says one day at a time. And if i do get something which i have high risk for heart attack, breast cancer…..everthing runs in my family…then i get it and maybe it will be due to my weight or maybe it wont. But whatever happens happens and when its my time to die then its time. Also dont assume that i think 3 years is a long time because it isnt in three years ill be a senior ill be graduating and moving off to college and living on my own. And brooklynn will be almost 7!!!

  10. You seem to be missing my main point. This is a decision that I have made to better MY life. I’m not doing this because society thinks I need to. Or because my boyfrined, my mom, my doctor, the neighbor thinks I need to.

    I want to make changes in MY life for the betterment of MYSELF.

    I’ve never stated, and I never would, that anybody overwieght is not as good as me. What you choose to do and how you choose to live your life is up to you. I’d never look down on somebody or think badly about them for something as silly as weight or health issues.

    But the way I choose to see those things in myself is my right and decision.

  11. Opps that was me last time, and it was just MY opinon, i think i have MY right to an opinon.

  12. Yes, you do. But you saying that I made all overweight people sound ‘bad’ was a completely unfair accusation.

    Especially when I never talked about anybody but myself in that post and my own self image.

  13. Heather, you are personalizing something that Anna is doing for herself. Her wanting to lose weight and be healthy is a wonderful thing, don’t you think? Try to contribute to that enthusiasm, or don’t post anymore on this topic.

    This is something she will need support on, and I’m going to help her, I pledged this to her. I suspect you can to, so please find a way to support this wonderful thing she wants to do and encourage her.

    If you think that what I’m saying her is off-color, rude, or if its unclear, confusing, any of that, please give me a call @ home so we can discuss it, 408-944-9171. I’m usually there from 8pm on during the week, and am around most weekends. I feel very strongly on this.

  14. Ben, please don’t tell my daughter what to do. She won’t be calling you to “discuss” this 😐 Geez she’s a teenager and sees things a certain way, just leave it at that. What I think Heather was trying to say in her own teen words is that Anna looks fine to HER. I believe sometimes this forum is just something to do for her and she posts here out of boredom, lol. Now you must admit that not everything posted here is positive, if you think so please read the rant about my mother 😆 But if you’d like us to not post here anymore because we don’t always agree please just let know.

  15. Chris, please help your daughter understand that EVERYTHING said on the topic of Anna losing weight / Body for life had NOTHING to do with Heather, nor did it reflect on Heather. She chose to personalize it. I understand that as her mother, you want to defend her, that is natural. If you disagree with what I just said, why don’t you please give me a call @ home and we can disccuss it for the same reasons I said to Heather.

    As I said, I feel very strongly about this. Anna didn’t say anything about Heather. If Heather chose to take it personally, you should correct her, because I have reread all of Anna’s post looking at it objectively, and there is nothing in the posts about Body for Life that refer to Heather.

    I’m happy to discuss with you whenever you’re ready. Only call me with an open mind, and I will do the same if you choose to call. Chris, I like you, I like Heather, ask yourself if there is any part of me or what I’ve said that is irrational or unreasonable.

    Any comments about your Mother in other posts are off-topic at the moment, but if some or all of those bother you or Heather, please discuss those with Anna.


  16. First of all Ben I have discussed this with Heather, but I don’t “correct” her, she has a right to her own opinion, kwim? Not to mention she is 14 1/2 and will not always see things the way I do. We all have our own issues and sometimes they’ll show up in a post, that is normal don’t you think.

    Anyway our lives are very busy right now with her traveling back and forth to Vegas & Illinois to see her Dad, God knows she should not be bored, lol! So I have asked her not to post on here any longer. I noticed that her posts were getting negative and I’m trying to point her toward more positive things in her life.

  17. everyone has issues, Chris 🙂 I hope Heather finds happiness, as that is all I hope for her 🙂 and you:) and Brandon, and Family 🙂

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