Three Strikes.

My cousin and his lovely new wife went on a cruise for there Honeymoon. My dad and I were talking about it earlier:

06:11 PM – TheDad: Did you hear about Jarett’s cruise?
06:11 PM – Antigone078: Nope, I got a thank you card from them
06:11 PM – Antigone078: Did everything go okay?
06:11 PM – TheDad: They had a great time but…
06:12 PM – TheDad: On their way back to LA a woman came up missing (went overboard).
06:12 PM – Antigone078: Oh my gosh!
06:12 PM – TheDad: It was several hours before she was reported missing.
06:12 PM – TheDad: They had to sail back to where they were when she was last seen and then hang around while a serach was conducted.
06:13 PM – Antigone078: The whole ship had to go back?
06:13 PM – Antigone078: For how long?
06:13 PM – TheDad: Yes!
06:13 PM – TheDad: It was several hours back, and then they had to hang around for several hours while the Coast Guard searched the waters.
06:13 PM – TheDad: While that was going on their was a search of every cabin on the ship.
06:13 PM – Antigone078: Did they find her?
06:14 PM – TheDad: No! The FBI is no treating it as a homicide investigation.
06:14 PM – TheDad: The FBI IS treating it as a murder investigation.
06:14 PM – Antigone078: Wow
06:14 PM – TheDad: They were way late getting back.
06:14 PM – Antigone078: Well, it will be as memorable as the wedding!!
06:15 PM – TheDad: So, rained out wedding, Room to remember, and man overboard drills.
06:15 PM – TheDad: Three strikes. Either they will be split up in a month, or married forever!
06:15 PM – Antigone078: hahaha I go with married forever

It started POURING down rain at exactly the time the wedding was supposed start. The only part pf the wedding that was not supposed to be covered was the wedding party. They has to move the entire party to in the isles of the crowd. But it was the most intimate, funny, beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen. They smiled and laughed though the entire ceremony. Even though it didn’t go as planned, you could tell they could not have been any happier. It was great.

Then we ‘decorated’ there room. My cousin is SUPER anal. Like all shirts hanging the same way, buttoned, in color order, spaced evenly in the closet anal. And we RAVAGED his room with toilet paper, streamers, conffetti, a tub of ice, balloons, candy.. and in retaliation they toilet papered my dad’s car. HA! I know that the room mess HAD to be killing him but they had a good time with it anyway.

That good attitude is great to see in him and I think Katie is the reason. So I think they will live a long, happy life together. I mean, if they could survive THAT wedding experience, they are SET!

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  1. hehe Maybe!

    She seems like a nice girl. I don’t know if she went to school with you guys at Ridgeview or not. I think they met at Cal State.

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