Merry Christmas!!

Have I mentioned before that I have no patience? I’m sure I have. Anyway, Ben and I exchanged our Chirstmas gifts tonight. With Cassidy gone, I didn’t see why we should have to wait. 😉 Then Ben went today and got my ‘big’ present which made it necessary to do it today even though he thought that we should wait. (I’m sure that I’ve mentioned that Ben had the patience of a Saint… because he does.)

Anyway!! I got him a Game Cube. The one that comes with two controllers and the new Mario Cart (which ROCKS by the way). We’ve had too much fun on it already. 🙂 He also go a few CD’s off his wish list, the back scrubber he’s been wanting, a nifty toy that has a car shoot out of a miniature NOS bottle for his desk at work, and a new bottle of Eternity because he’s almost out and I’m just not willing to let that happen. Eau de Ben + Noxzema w/ lotion + Eternity = Heaven.

I got a flat iron for my hair which I’ve used and is beyond awsome. A Gryfindor t-shirt. (I’m SO in Gryfindor!! ;)) A Rainbow Bright t-shirt. (Yeah, so what… so I love Rainbow Bright!! SO?!) Some Happy perfume. America the Book by John Stewart. (WOOHOO!) A gift certificate to get my nails done…

And the ‘big’ present?? I finally go a camera phone. The V551 to be exact. Awsomness. He also got me the bluetooth adapter to go with it. So it tales 640X480 pictures, 30 second video clips. I’m in absolute love with my phone. 🙂

For some reason I can’t get the BlueTooth adapter to work so we’re gonna return this one and get a name brand one. Prepare yourself now for the 1000’s of pictures you are going to be subjected to. 😉

P.S. – Thank you, Benjamin, for everything. I always wonder how the current Holiday could possibly top the previous and you always seem to make that happen. Life with you in general seems that way. Today is always more magical then yesterday.

And be prepared for the ‘adult big’ present on the real Chirstmas morning. *kiss* I :heart: You.

4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!!

  1. What great gifts!! The v551 sounds like the newer version of the v300 and I loooove my v300 so Ben made a great choice! If you have AIM on there, what I did was created an account specifically for the phone since I’m limited to 300 text messages including AIM.

  2. Cool gifts!!!! But no fair that you got to open yours already :bs: LOL!!! Just kidding. BTW I must know where you got the nos car toy thing!! I need something else to put with Brandons gift!!

  3. I found the NOS car at Big Lots. I was there looking to see if I could find something for my dad and when I saw that I just HAD to get it. 😉

    The phone is awsome. I’m totally going picture crazy. I just need to figure out how to configure the email so I can send myself some pictures!!

    We are going to order the wired USB 2.0 connector off the Motorola website for at home.

    I’m dying to post pictures!!!!

  4. I created a gmail account, and in my phonebook I have it listed as 1 Julie so its just 3 arrows and an enter down :mrgreen:

    I chose gmail because TMobile changed their picture message format and Outlook wasn’t very happy… don’t know what format your service handles it or if you’re planning to use MOblog

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