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I got an official job offer last Friday. The way it works there is that my supervisor grades me uing a points system. Using actual refunds that I’ve submitted to come up with a #. Then he submits that to the finance department and they assess my past experience and come up with a final dollar per hour amount. I’m feeling pretty good about it because the amount that my supervisor came up with before finance got ahold of it is almost $2.00 more than what I’m making now. So finance will either offer that amount or more.

My boss told me that I’ll be on the payroll in January. Benefits start immediately. Ben is paying $250 a month for coverage for Cassidy and I right now because we fall under ‘domestic partnership’. My coverage will be much less and his will drop to $70 just for him so we’ll save money that way. Plus I’ll be making more. AND I won’t be a temp anymore so that won’t be hanging over my head. I was always confident I’d be hired on because my boss loves me but still… it feels good.


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  1. Congrats! I am so happy for you!

    Benefits are huge! We pay almost $400/ month for Noah and Arthur on my insurance! 😯

    Go Anna!

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