9 thoughts on “Confession.

  1. You could also put really thick black eyeliner on then if you have some loose glitter, get a q-tip and get it wet so it grabs the glitter but not to wet cause it will mess up the eyeliner and layer it on top of the eyeliner. It looked really awsome with manic panic watercolor eyeshadow in pink with thick black eyeliner (which i put under my eyes and to look like tears, ex. billy form good charlotte not that i like them but i do love there make up) and black lipstick. Its the perfect make up for a concert or halloween, i did it on halloween i was a vampire. That w/ fishnets=perfect.

  2. Heather, if you get some sticky lipgloss and loose glitter it works better and does not move (!!!!) all day. Hoever, taking it off is a sticky mess. The downside is that it is kinda hard to get “just a little bit”

  3. THANX!!! It is soo hard trying to find a good lip gloss, that looks good and stays on through 1st to 7th period. I apply lip gloss like 20 times in between all my classes, lol. But that sounds good maybe it will stay on through pe to, now that would be awsome!

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