Lunchtime Humor.

I’ve been swamped at work. Swamped. I thought that as we got closer to Christmas office production would slow down but unfortunately they’ve been turning out more paperwork than I’d like. 1200+ refunds a week all of which have to go across my desk for processing. And that’s not including the list of child psych refunds that I have to have done by December 31st. My alpha split is A-F and I have 18 pages worth… 36 names per page. The rest of the crew has about the same amount. *sigh*

Anyway, during lunch I usually sit at my desk, read MSNBC and while shoving some food into my face quickly and get right back to work. Today I almost spit my water out when I read one paragraph in this article.

The article is about the abundance of Christmas lights on houses that have sprung up all across the nation and how it’s pissing off neighbors in the process. Come on people, so traffic is a little slow around your house. Spread some Christmas cheer!! Think of all the smiling kids! And if you happen to be one of the people that have 1,000,000 lights on your font yard, this is always an option when your neighbor complains:

In Monte Sereno, Calif., a couple whose huge display attracted thousands of passers-by angered neighbors and led the City Council to require a permit for any exhibit lasting longer than three days. This year, the yard holds a 10-foot Grinch, its spiny finger pointing at the house of the neighbors who initiated the complaints.

4 thoughts on “Lunchtime Humor.

  1. I read about that a while ago. You know, I hate Christmas. I hate it. I like all the shit that comes with Christmas, though, and none more than the lights. Shit like this bothers me. It’s like my thing with people bitching about parents lying to their kids about Santa. Holy crap, people, it encourages happiness in a time that really, truly, sucks. How in the WORLD can this by bad?

  2. ha, the grinch thing is great! What a buncha grinches… This is Trey’s first year being really vocal so he looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooves the lights.. the previous two years he’s watched in awe, last year he pointed and said lights.. this year its, “Oh man mama Christmas lights! Pretty! Wow! Lights on the house mama!” etc.

  3. I remember when I was a little and we still had the Jimmy and after my shower Mamma would blow dry my hair and bundle me up and I’d take my pillow and my blanket and I got to lay in the back while we looked at lights. And every year we HAD to go by the teddy bear house and twenty years later, they still have the bears in the window (the house is on Planz just past…South Real?) and it still makes me happy.

  4. Kristen that is too funny!! I still have to drive by that house on Planz too!!! My kids love to go cruise by the lights on Hagen Oaks and Elm Street, would’nt be Christmas without it!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS though!!! Brooklynn is really loving it this year. Our new neighbors put a bunch of lights on their house a few days ago and we have to go out everynight and look at them, she loves it!!!

    I just don’t get it, these people need to go see Dr Phil!!!!!!

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