Seasonale: Month One.

A few people had asked me to let them know what I thought about Seasonale after I’d been on it a bit so I though that I’d start at the end of month one.

As with any birth control I think you have to give it a few months to really know what the side effects are going to be like. The first month was a little wierd. I spotted during week two. (WARNING: IF you are not a woman you might want to stop reading now because men really just don’t have the stomach for what we go through when it comes to this and I’m not going to be responsible for the spewing.) It wasn’t like a normal kinda light spotting. It was likd a black tar/sludge . Seriously, I could have used it to patch pot holes. It lasted for about four days.

The only other complaint that I have is that my breasts have been sore for almost the entire time. But, that’s also a side effect of the new anti-depressant. (Which also has a side effect of breast enlargment!!)

The good news. All week last week I should have been on my period and wasn’t. I asked Ben if I had PMS symptoms but he said that I’m so crazy there’s really no way to tell if I was just being the ‘normal crazy’ or PMS’y. *shrug*

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