Happy Gorge Yourself on Food Day!!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m now posting the obligatory Thanksgiving Blog Picture. You’ll see one on every blog you go to today. 😉

I’m also posting a link to what was going to be my Thanksgiving layout but I never got up the gumption to break the image down to code it. You can look at it the image and imagine how cute it would be to be reading this post on that layout. HA!

Anyway, I’m off to shower and then head to my moms for the all day cooking/eating fest. Hope you all have wonderful days!!

4 thoughts on “Happy Gorge Yourself on Food Day!!

  1. Eu, he was about to become dinner!!! He’d have lost more than his mind! 😉

    Thanks Traci and Adria. Hope you all had wonderful weekends!! 🙂

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