Full to the max.

I made the most YUMMY dinner tonight. I really love to cook but when I went off the Zoloft I started to get back into that lazy slump. Last night Ben and I had a long talk and I realized that I he and I had both been spending so much time trying to get ME better that his needs had all but fallen off the map of the realtionship.

Now that I’m back on some medicine and starting to get some motivation back, I want to start filling some of HIS needs because Lord knows that he’s been here for me and done more than any boyfrined should be expected to do.

So today I asked him what he wanted for dinner so I could make him a nice meal. We had chicken grilled on the Goerge Forman grill then broiled with mozarella cheese and to top it off I made some sauteed mushrooms. We also had fresh pasta with Pesto sauce. AND.. he REALLY wanted fresh bread from the bread maker but the Safeway by us doesn’t sell the box mix. I was NOT coming home without the means to make him fresh bread so I went to the bakery and convinced the nice lady to give me a loaf of sourdough that had not been baked yet and she did. I brought it home, slathered it in olive oil and baked it. Man it was yummy. To top it all off I got him grape soda! 😉

I’m very greatful for everything that he’s done for me and I could never put into words how much it’s helped me and kept me from the brink of absolute distruction. I’m going to start doing more for him. I figure if I just do one small thing for him a day that by the time we’re 60 I’ll have made up for everything he’s done for me in the last two years.

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