And the Verdict is in.

Unless you live under a rock or up in a tree you know that Scott Peterson is guilty. I’ll never know all the facts because I wasn’t on the jury but one of the women that worked in my builing umtill about six months ago was. She still talks to a lot of the girls there so I’m sure that once the gag order is lifted, the rumors will start to fly.

This crime makes me absolutely sick to my stomach. How anybody could kill a women that is pregnant is just beyond me. How is it that somebody could justify KILLING over DIVORCE? Lacy was so young and had so many friends and I’m sure, like all expectant mothers, was dreaming of the day she’d get to hold her little boy in her arms.

I really hoped that it wasn’t him. I really didn’t want to have to think about her last moments of confusion and fear while her husband took her life. I know that she was thinking of Conner, not herself. How could you not as an expectant mother? Somehow I thought that knowing that he didn’t do it would have made me think her last moments wouldn’t have been so agonizing.

I hope they sentence him to death. And I hope he rotts in hell.

4 thoughts on “And the Verdict is in.

  1. Yes this case really had me on the edge of my seat today! I’d be so curious to hear some inside info on this! While I was personally convinced that he did it, it seemed that all the evidence that the media was pronouncing seemed pretty circumstantial 😕 Regardless may Lacie and Conner rest in peace!! :angel:

  2. Exactly, there’s this little action called divorce. It allows the person you no longer want to be with and the child to live their lives.

    He’s rotten. He got away with the first murder, but he didn’t get away with this one.

  3. Even if he didn’t directly do it, he arranged for it. Period. Plus that girlfriend of his…how dumb can you get?I just…don’t get it? How can you go from loving someone (presumably…he did marry her so I’m sure he at least THOUGHT he loved her) to killing them?

  4. The most confusing part to me was why he felt like killing her was his only option. Like Eu said, divorce.

    Like I said in my blog, if they don’t sentance him to death the general population of any prison will take care of him. I say let him live. Let him suffer. Let him be somebody’s bitch and get beaten and raped every day for a few decades.

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