I just spent 2.5 hours trying to figure out why our Quicken balance showed negative $1600. I hadn’t done a bank reconciliation in about a month and I knew when Ben got home he was going to flip his lid when I told him somehow I managed to let us get $1600 in the hole!!

I did the last bank rec and poured over the current online statement while my palms sweated and my head pounded and my stomach tied itself in knots because I couldn’t figure out WHERE we lost that money. I checked and RECHECKED and then just for good measure checked ONE MORE TIME. Finally I decided to get up and walk away. But before I did that I decided to quadruple check the deposits. And there it was… all I can figure is that I work with numbers all day long so I’ve gone mentally retarted when it comes to them. I forgot to add 2 zero’s to a deposit.

2 little 0’s put us way back into the saftey of the little green numbers. heh

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