Time to Vote!!

Everybody better go vote tomorrow!!

I have an appointment with the head DR @ 10:00. With the dentist @ 3:00. Then have to vote. Busy day.

I had a incident today with my car insurance people. As I get older I have less and less patience to deal with morons. I swear, after having run a business that was centered around customer service, I can’t stand not getting it. These people could literally care less. Tomorrow I’m going to call up and give them the ‘I’m calling around today to find a different carrier so you can either FIX YOUR mistake or tell me what I have to do to cancel my policy’ talk with them.

Just ARG!

Ben is getting over the bug. I am still hacking up buckets of mucus. It’s not green. I guess that’s a good sign. *shrug*

Anyway, VOTE TOMORROW! You’re American! Act like one!

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