The hip: Part II

I took Cassidy back to the doctor today. This time to the Sports Medicine doctor at her normal pediatricians office.

After a miraid of tests the conclusion was very clear to him. That upper outside portion of the bone that sticks out is inflamed. More precisely, the pocket attatched to it is. It’s something that children that play a lot of sports (or are more active than NECESSARY) get. Basically like overuse of a muscle/tendon/bone. He asked her a ton of questions that were more on her level than she got last night… ‘What do you and your frineds play at school’ ‘What’s your favorite game to play at recess’ ‘What’s your favorite sport in PE’… stuff like that.

Anyway, he said lots of ice backs and Ibuprofen for the inflammation and it would take up to a week more to go away. The speed at which she gets better really depends on her. If she doesn’t take it easy, it’s going to continue to hurt. HOPEFULLY she will do as he asked and lay off hop scotch, monkey bars and soccer for a week and let it heal. *crosses fingers*

1 thought on “The hip: Part II

  1. I’m glad to hear that it’s not anything that can’t heal with a little R&R. Hope she gets better quick! :thumb:

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