Isn’t it Ironic.

I’m sick. Friday I woke up and had a bit of a sore throat. I didn’t really focus on it too much and made it through work okay. When I got The Princess from school we stopped for our Weekly Friday Starbucks Trip and as I was standing in line I got a little dizzy. Kinda’ one of those wild room spin moments. After we got our drinks we sat down for a few mintutes and I started to feel okay.

By the time we got home my throat was hurting really bad. When Ben got home I took a nap and when I woke up I looked at my tonsils in the mirror and they had the beginnings of those horrid spots that make them look like they are rotting when you have Strep.

GREAT! It’s been an entire 12 months since my LAST bout of Strep. We went to UrgentCare and after a throat swab and a blood test they still could not tell me what was wrong. The Dr said that it might be the VERY beginning of the strep and it’s not uncommon for the tests to show negative in that case. She gave me an RX for Penacyllin.

I slept like ALL day today. The medicine is starting to work. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get out of PJ’s. heh

I want a new layout. WTF is WRONG with me… I love this sign layout. I really do. It’s so cute and easy to customize for Holiday’s. But for some reason I feel like making a new one! CRAP! Maybe I’ll just do Cassidy’s site instead and that will curb the urge.

3 thoughts on “Isn’t it Ironic.

  1. I know exactly how you feel, i just got over strep throat a week ago, i get it about 2 times a year, i so need to have my tonsils taken out but the dr’s wont do it cause i guess there are more complications when you are older, i just say what ever take them out im sick of them in there.

  2. My dad and I get strep for our birthdays every year. I’m sick now but I don’t think (ok, I hope it isn’t) it is strep.

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