Anna means ‘Gracefull’

Yesterday as I left for work at 5:30 (OKAY!! I was late it was like 5:50 and I was in a hurry) I managed to fall off the last stair. I ripped my FAVORITE pair of jeans… the one’s I paid $2.50 for at the Good Will. The ones that fit me like they were designed to fit MY ghetto ass into and nobody else’s. The ones that sat on my hips just right to give me that ‘I might be a mom but YOU still think I’m sexy’ look. I’m still in mourning. I wore black today. *sigh*

I hurt my knee too. It’s swollen and it hurts like an SOB. I COULD blame my sandals which are as slick as a Hoosier after a John Force burn out… but I just don’t have the heart to blame something so cute and comfortable. And lets face it, Cassidy gets the clutz jean from me. Lord help her.

7 thoughts on “Anna means ‘Gracefull’

  1. I got the klutz gene from my mom, too.

    And the bitch gene.

    And now I am old enough to appreciate them….and to throw them in my dear old Momma’s face.

    (I should add that my mom and I get along really well, but we constantly pick on each other. Constantly. It’s fun.)

  2. That sucks! Finding the perfect jean is impossible and when you do, no other jeans are quite the same. I’m still in search of the perfect jean since having a baby but I think I’m gonna give my self some more time to loose weight first. I feel your pain and I’m so sorry for your loss. 😥

  3. See, I knew you girls would understand! Ben just doesn’t get it!!

    I’m generally not that goofy on my feet… for some reason lately I’ve been having lots of ‘accidents’. :liar:

  4. Guys don’t get it and they think we’re stupid about the perfect pair of pants…they do the same thing. either that or they keep their underpants until they either deteriorate in the drawe or their better half makes them get new ones. WTF? Guys are strange.

  5. Hopefully you don’t have an ear infection or anything anna… sometimes that can throw off your equillebrium (sp)… falling like that would be nothing surprising for me.. I’m a natural clutz.

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