Shoot me.

My mom, Cameron and Grandma came and went. And you’d think that while my gandma was here I’m have taken a picture of the four generations of girls alltogether. I bet you thought that I’d have taken a SINGLE picture the whole time too, huh?? Well you are wrong! Blarg. I just had too much going on.

It was awsome to get to spend time with her anyway. And she took lots of pictures… the kind that you have to print out on PAPER to see. I didn’t know those still EXISTED! When she send them to me I’ll scan them.

And my head had been pounding for the last 2 hours. I don’t think that it has anyting to do with the fact that Cassidy made the trip to B-town to spend four days with her father. Jesus, can you actually have six year old WITHDRAWLS!?

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