Hair v2.0

I lightened my hair today. This is probably as close to my natural color as I’ve been in 10 years. I’m telling you, this box hair color is WAY too easy.

For a side by side of the last color and this color click here

5 thoughts on “Hair v2.0

  1. That’s a pretty color! Did the other stuff wash out eventually? How are you liking your bangs still?

    I’m seeing Mychael Tuesday.. going to keep my hair light.. I want to grow out my hair but its at that annoying in between stage.. but I need to tough it out instead of the temptation to have him trim it short and proper..

  2. The bangs got old kinda fast. I’m letting them grow out. At times I miss them but I just don’t like the upkeep. Probably before Christmas I’m gonna have a lot of it chopped off… or at least a more ‘styled’ cut done.

  3. MAKE SURE you get a seaed box.

    I helped a friend dye her hair with this great color and there was enough for me to do a test stripe on my hair (i used the hairball from the brush, which iknow isn’t always accurate, but we left it in too long, so it should have beeen darker/brighter) and I liked it, so I bought myself a box. It was one of those “on your honor” boxes that just had a flap closure and we didn’t find out until later that someone had switched color bottles. I had PINK! hair. 🙁

  4. Looks good but do becareful. My aunt had the same switch situation happen to her and her hair turned out orange.

    I finally got my hair done yesterday. I’ll post pics.

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