My baby is SIX!

Today is her birthday.

Carrielee and Amber got here a little after 11PM on Friday. Cassidy is a REALLY heavy sleeper and Amber kept giving her kisses and Cassidy would look at her then go right back to sleep. After about 10 minutes, Amber decided to give up and let her sleep. Then out of the blue about 5 minutes later Cassidy SPRANG awake, relaized Carrielee was here and was ready for action! They played while Ben, Amber and I caught up till 2AM.

Saturday we got their pictures taken together. Amber and I shopped for Cassidy while Ben pumped the girls full of ice cream. 😉 That night we had Italian. Cassidy was so tired from going non stop with Carrielee all day that she was falling asleep at the dinner table. They both passed out in the car on the way home.

Sunday we all kind of got a slow start. We took the girls to the mall and got their ears pierced… again. They had them done long ago but they both had let them grow closed. Hopefully Cassidy will let me keep putting them in this time without a fight. I think she will because she thinks she’s pretty hot stuff now. Then they got new shoes to match thier matching cheer outfits.

As I expected after not getting ANY calls back about the party… none of her school friends showed. As I sat there I realized though that if they HAD shown she’d have completely INGORED them all because the only person she cared was there was Carrielee. They didn’t leave eachthers side for a single MINUTE the whole weekend. No matter how much distance is between them, they still are the best of friends.

Cassidy really made out in the gift department. Ben and I got her a Doll House, a Batz doll, a My Little Pony, a mini Bratz doll, a new Care Bear and some school clothes that are too cute for school!!! What I was thinking getting a doll house that’s almst as big as OUR house and that says over 200 phrases in it’s STOCK FREAKING FORM I have no idea. I’m sure in the next month I’m going to ask myself that question about 1000 times. We got her other little misc things that are now spread all over the house.

Her grandma Amber and Carrielee got her four of the room setups for the doll house. ALL which say about 547451385 phrases and each play 3134185615 different songs. :thumb: They also got her the most adorable baby. My dad got her a jacket that I’m going to try and stretch a little so it fits me. It’s like four jackets in one and SOOOO cute. They also got her a few books including an I Spy book that Cassidy and have already spent way too much time looking though. I’m finding the damn string if it’s the last thing I do. Silvino also came and got her a Cali Girl. She slept with it last night. Needless to say, my daughter is spoiled rotten.

We finished the birthday bash tonight at Red Robin. Cassidy always looks longingly at the people who get the birthday song and ice cream so Ben and I knew that we HAD to do it. She loved it. 😉

And that’s it. I ate enough this weekend to last though the next week. Cassidy is currently playing with her doll house and want’s me to finish putting the rest of the 1238513158 stickers on it so I guess I’m off to do that.

Picture are here. 🙂

5 thoughts on “My baby is SIX!

  1. Wow! Look at the present mountain, what a lucky girl! 🙂

    At the Glendale mall they had TONS of girly girl stores… I told Kynan we’re lucky Max was a boy.. we thought we were scraping by now…………… looking at those outfits, the pink canopy’s for beds, etc. etc. etc.!

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