House defeats amendment on gay marriage:

“God created Adam and Eve, He didn’t create Adam and Steve,” said Rep. Roscoe Bartlett, R-Md., on behalf of a measure that supporters said was designed to protect an institution as old as civilization itself.

My jaw dropped when I read that. What happened to seperation of Church and State Mr Roscoe Bartlett, R-MD??

The very fact that this ‘amendment’ is even being persued is rediculous.

The Constitutions already states that the matter of marriage is to be settled at a state level. The Federal Goverment should not be allowed to enforce such a blatent difference… So in THIS article marraige is to be decided at a state level But in THIS article we ban gay marraige. It would turn the Constitution into a joke. And what kind of example does THAT set for a free Iraq?!!? You are free to do what you want as long as you goverment thinks it’s okay. Yeah, THAT’S a huge change from where they are now. GAH!

…the power to regulate “commerce” can by no means encompass authority over mere gun possession, any more than it empowers the Federal Government to regulate marriage, littering, or cruelty to animals throughout the 50 States.

*last quote taken from Renee’s site.

5 thoughts on “House defeats amendment on gay marriage:

  1. I agree with you beliefs/religion/law should be seperated. Its there lifestyle let them marry if they want, we may not agree but its there marriage not mine.

  2. Do I think there should be gay marriage? Well, no. There should be gay unions, but marriage is, was, and always will be a religious thing. If Unitarian churches want to marry homosexual couples, then there should be gay marriage. If Catholic churches want to marry homosexual couples, then there should be gay marriages. The state, however, should do just fine to allow homosexual UNIONS.

  3. See the thing that upsets me is that whether you DO or DO NOT agree with them, the Federal Governement should NOT be allowed to make this into an amendement. It’s up to individual states to decided that via election.

    If it passes, great. If not, I’d still be happy knowing that WE as a STATE voted on it… not the Federal Government TELLING us that it can’t be so without citizens having any say in the matter.

  4. This is a little off-topic, but you’d be surprised by some of the things in the constitution that are still there, yet are socially acceptable. For example, women still do not have 100% equal rights. The bill to pass 100% equal rights was pending through congress since for decades. Finally it was thrown out in the 70s when women realized (after Vietnam) that meant they’d have to sign up for Selective Service.

  5. I really don’t care either way, lol! Let them live a happy healthy life together, if that means give them a piece of paper, hec give it to them. I have to wonder if they know what they are getting into though? Divorce is EXPENSIVE!!:lol:

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