nVidia Pumpkin Shindig

Every year nVidia has a day for the kids of employees to get dressed up and come in to carve pumpkins. Last year I didn’t get to go because I was still a slave to Best Buy. I was so bumbed by that. It was at that point that I really started to hate that job.

Anyway, I did get to go this year and Cassidy and I had so much fun curling her hair and putting on her makeup. Yes, actual ADULT makeup. Eyeshadow, blush, MASCARA and lipstick. When I put mascara on her lashes and she blinked them open for the first time I almost fell over. They curled up in perfect black curves that I spend 10 minutes trying to get with curlers, dual layer mascara… and never get CLOSE to looking that beautiful. Real princesses wear REAL makeup you know!!

The event was a blast. They had the chef’s there with pizza, salad and a table the of desserts. Oh the table of desserts. By table I mean table(s) with piles of cookies and cupcakes and chocolate.. it was sinful I tell you. Farhad, one of the guys that works in the lab with Ben was there with his daughters and so they sat with us. His kids are gorgeous and they all had a really good time.

So, trick-or-treating Sunday night. We go to the neighborhood of Cassidy’s school because they decorate all fantastic and there are a TON of kids around. If I don’t post before then everyboody have fun at the Halloween parties, and trick-or-treating or whatever it is you do to celebrate the Holiday! Be safe and have fun!

P.S. – Pictures HERE!!!

Third post then bed.

Did I mention that I have an appointment with the dentist Tuesday too? I’ve been ignoring my wisdom teeth coming in and now they are pissed. I can open my mouth wide enough to fit ONE finger in and NO wider. Needless to say, eating has not been an easy task. As a matter of fact, it’s almost to the point that eating is not worth the pain. heh

I’m sure in the next two weeks I’m going to have to have them pulled.

You WISH you were me!! Don’t you!!

Pills and doctors

So I’ve been off the Zoloft for about a month now. I’ve decided that rather than getting more depression medicine from a general prac. doctor I’m going to start seeing a new Psychiatrist. I know that if I don’t get back on meds soon that what I was able to build up in my realtionship with Ben during what I call my ‘happy drug sane time’ it’s going to crumble back down.

I’m just not.. I don’t want to say ‘normal’ but hell, let’s be honest here! I don’t feel like me when I’m not on them. I have these moments where I can think to myself, ‘WTF are you thinking you crazy ass woman.’ But that doesn’t stop the thought. They are there. There a connection between thought/feelings/actions that normal people have that us crazies just don’t get.

On top of that I know there are things in my past that I haven’t dealt with or have skewed my outlook on life today. And I need to fix those things. I want to fix those things.

So yeah, the ‘as normal as drugs can make her happy Anna’ should be back soon. 😉

The hip: Part II

I took Cassidy back to the doctor today. This time to the Sports Medicine doctor at her normal pediatricians office.

After a miraid of tests the conclusion was very clear to him. That upper outside portion of the bone that sticks out is inflamed. More precisely, the pocket attatched to it is. It’s something that children that play a lot of sports (or are more active than NECESSARY) get. Basically like overuse of a muscle/tendon/bone. He asked her a ton of questions that were more on her level than she got last night… ‘What do you and your frineds play at school’ ‘What’s your favorite game to play at recess’ ‘What’s your favorite sport in PE’… stuff like that.

Anyway, he said lots of ice backs and Ibuprofen for the inflammation and it would take up to a week more to go away. The speed at which she gets better really depends on her. If she doesn’t take it easy, it’s going to continue to hurt. HOPEFULLY she will do as he asked and lay off hop scotch, monkey bars and soccer for a week and let it heal. *crosses fingers*

Is it over yet?

The last two days have been a blur. The penicillin was making me SOOO sick. I went to work Monday and sat there in a nauseated, druged state. At 2:00 I realized that I had done jack shit. I should not have gone.

Today I got up and took the Penicillin and threw up 20 minutes later. Got back in bed at 5:30AM and slep till 2:30PM. I’m not taking that Penacillin anymore. I haven’t taken it (and held it down) since last night and I feel MUCH better today. I don’t think it was strep, I think it was just a virus.

And to top it all off I just got back from the Medi Center!!! Why you ask? Cassidy has been complaining of her hip hurting her for about three days. I’d ask if it hurt and she’d say yes till I mentioned the Dr and suddenly it would stop hurting. Today after school she could hardly take the stairs. She normally pushes past us on the way to the stairs so she can RUN up them and hide from us at the top and today she was wincing at every step and we had to WAIT for her at the top. She limped around the house all night. Then she got in the bath and just SITTING there was hurting her enough to make her cry. She FINALLY admitted to me that the reason she told me it wasn’t hurting was because she was scared that the Dr would give her a shot.

I PROMISED her (hoping to God that would not come back to bite me in the ass) that she would not get a shot but we HAD to go to the doctor. So off we went. Two x-rays later and they can’t find anything. The doctor would try to sike her out by feeling all around it and then on the spot to see if the spot would ‘move’ but it didn’t. There is SOMETHING there making her hurt. The doc said to ice it three times a day, give her some Advil and if it still hurts Friday to go see her normal doctor. In the meantime, no jumping, running, monkey bars, sliding… Cassidy is looking at me like WTF mom!?

I talked to my mom and she said if it’s still hurting Friday to INSIST on a bone scan to see what’s going on INSIDE the bone there. That involves a shot. Let’s all hope with all our might that it’s BETTER by Friday.

Isn’t it Ironic.

I’m sick. Friday I woke up and had a bit of a sore throat. I didn’t really focus on it too much and made it through work okay. When I got The Princess from school we stopped for our Weekly Friday Starbucks Trip and as I was standing in line I got a little dizzy. Kinda’ one of those wild room spin moments. After we got our drinks we sat down for a few mintutes and I started to feel okay.

By the time we got home my throat was hurting really bad. When Ben got home I took a nap and when I woke up I looked at my tonsils in the mirror and they had the beginnings of those horrid spots that make them look like they are rotting when you have Strep.

GREAT! It’s been an entire 12 months since my LAST bout of Strep. We went to UrgentCare and after a throat swab and a blood test they still could not tell me what was wrong. The Dr said that it might be the VERY beginning of the strep and it’s not uncommon for the tests to show negative in that case. She gave me an RX for Penacyllin.

I slept like ALL day today. The medicine is starting to work. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get out of PJ’s. heh

I want a new layout. WTF is WRONG with me… I love this sign layout. I really do. It’s so cute and easy to customize for Holiday’s. But for some reason I feel like making a new one! CRAP! Maybe I’ll just do Cassidy’s site instead and that will curb the urge.

Anna means ‘Gracefull’

Yesterday as I left for work at 5:30 (OKAY!! I was late it was like 5:50 and I was in a hurry) I managed to fall off the last stair. I ripped my FAVORITE pair of jeans… the one’s I paid $2.50 for at the Good Will. The ones that fit me like they were designed to fit MY ghetto ass into and nobody else’s. The ones that sat on my hips just right to give me that ‘I might be a mom but YOU still think I’m sexy’ look. I’m still in mourning. I wore black today. *sigh*

I hurt my knee too. It’s swollen and it hurts like an SOB. I COULD blame my sandals which are as slick as a Hoosier after a John Force burn out… but I just don’t have the heart to blame something so cute and comfortable. And lets face it, Cassidy gets the clutz jean from me. Lord help her.

I’m blogging this.

I’ve been drooling over this shirt for about a year now but I don’t like that it has the www.oreilly.com URL on the back. I have a bunch of that iron on printer paper and I’ve made Cassidy shirts before… I think I’ll print the words out and make my own shirt this weeked. 🙂

I think while I’m at it I might also make the ‘I love my geek’ shirt too.

On a completely unrelated narcissistic note, I made a new avatar tonight because I was bored and my little brother tried to convince me that EVERYBODY looks better ‘goth’ this week. :screwy: Anyway, I did play with hue/saturation a little but DAMN my eyes look blue!