As so it begins..

I threw up a temp archive page… By temp I mean I took the photoblog layout and changed a few colors and I KNOW IT’S LAZY but I wanted to get myself motivated. It should be fun to watch it grow and change. It’s is going to be my official ‘Learn how to code using CSS for the web nazi’s’ layout. Who know’s how much I’ll break in the process. FUN!

Are you excited yet? :nana:

In other news… Cassidy’s dad is a *insert mean word that can’t be used against me in court here*. You know how we picked her up two months ago at the end of my VOLUNTARILY given time with him? Well yeah, he hasn’t called here a single time to talk to her since then.

She asked to call him the other night and I tell her the same thing every time, ‘You may call him whenever you like. You know the #.’ Usually she says, ‘I’ll call him later’ and then doesn’t mention it again for awhile.

So Saturday she comes to find me and says, ‘Mom, I miss my dad.’ So I say… ‘call him.’ She did and left a message. They called back that evening and she was asking them to come get her so she can visit… he tells her he’s going to come get her for the weekend… and doesn’t ask to talk to me.

Um hello? You are not allowed to pick her up from school. I’ve been VERY specific with the day care instructor that myself, Ben and my mother are the ONLY people allowed to pick Cassidy up from school. And BESIDES, he didn’t think he should coordinate picking her up with me?? So now Cassidy is expecting her dad to pick her up on Friday. I told her last night, ‘Honey, daddy needs to talk to mommy so that mommy knows when he wants to come get you. So don’t get all excited till I’ve talked to him okay?’

She immediatley tries to call… last night at around 5 and leaves a message… and I have not heard anything back yet. So I can just see it now, I’m going to be the bad guy because he doens’t call, doesn’t come to get her..

Blah. Worthless. He better fucking call.

4 thoughts on “As so it begins..

  1. I hate people who make empty promises! If you’re not going to do it then don’t say you are. My God daughter’s father is the same way. He always promises to come and take her to the park and then he never shows up and her mom has to deal with it and usually ends up taking her. Isabella believes him and he always disappoints her. Losers! :box:

  2. I know I might be sticking my foot in my mouth here, but why don’t you call him? I’m not taking sides but we’d all love to see her, we miss her so much 🙁 He may still not show up but sometimes they need that extra push and only Cassidy would benefit from seeing her family, kwim? At least then you can say you called him to try and get him to come, that’s more than my parents ever put the effort into doing and I still have some resentments because of it, not just toward the parent that didn’t come but toward the parent that didn’t try to help make it happen. Please don’t be mad we just miss her so much!!!!

  3. Cassidy has called twice now. Still no answer.

    I understand what you are saying about wanting to see her. But I’m not going to go out of my way to do anything for Troy at this point. If he was not over $8000 behind in child support, shoot, if I had gotten even $5 from him in the last 6 months I would probably think a little differently.

    The very first thing that my psychologist made me do is realize that I can not control what Troy does. I can not be HIS mother anymore. And I can’t force him to have a relationship with his daughter. It’s not MY job to parent thier realtionship and for my own health and well being, I have to let go of the urge to do that. This was the one thing that the psychologist was unmoving on. It was causing me the most amount of stress and it was something that after a year of trying, I had to let go of. A year of calls, driving half way, not getting money that was promised to me if I DID drive, the fact that he’s made NO effort to pay off any of the debt we accumliated when we were married, I have been paying it ALL, hearing the things that he has been saying to Cassidy about me and Ben, yelling at me over the stupidest things, not paying off my car (which he was supposed to do in lue of child support) and finding out they were trying to reposses my car… it was like trying to knock down a brick wall… and the wall was winning.

    I encourage Cassidy to call him… Yesterday I pretty much MADE her call him and then last night when he had still not called back she said that she missed him again and I told her to try and call again and she said that she didn’t want to.

    The last straw was him the last time we drove to the half way point. He got in Ben’s face and was threatening him IN FRONT OF CASSIDY. He didn’t even tell her goodbye. They drove up, he jumped out of the car and made a beeline for Ben. Ben, who has paid for her meals, her childcare, her clothes, taught her to tie her shoes, gets her ready for school EVERY DAY, takes time to do whatever it takes to help Cassidy understand things when gt frustrated, who has taught her to clean up after herself… and he was yelling at Ben over money. Money that he has not PAID.

    So, the psychologist flat out told me. S.T.O.P. From now on we will meet in front of the police station a mile away from our house by the Safeway. We will not drive. If he wants her, he can make the drive to pick her up and drop her off. I won’t ask him for money anymore, it’s pointless and I’d rather not have it than have to deal with him to get it.

    The next time that he makes enough time to call Cassidy, I’ll talk to him. Or if she manages to ever get ahold of him, I’ll make arrangements to let him see her. Other than that, for my own sanity, I have to let him take the lead on that. Cassidy doesnt need or deserve a mommy that’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown AND a dad that’s not a around.

    I know he’s your brother and you love him and I’m glad that he has at least SOME normal, worth while people in his life… And you know that I love you and Brandon and the kids, but this is something that I jsut can’t bend on.

  4. I :heart: u 2!!! The thing I always hated was that my parents talked about the other in front of me. Im over it, but it really bothered me, i think my dad did it more than anything.:|

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