1st grader

Cassidy started first grade today. She also lost her second tooth last week. All this is causing me to have serious “I’m f-in old”‘ issues. The fact that my 26th birthday is 11 days away is not helping… at all.

I’ll post more about it tomorrow. Ben’s in bed and looking all cuddly and stuff… that is after we move our desks out of the bedroom and into the living room. More on that tomorrow too.

4 thoughts on “1st grader

  1. i’m about the same age as you and watching the olympics made me realize how old i am. and watching the nfl/college football will re-enforce the age observation thingy. 🙁

  2. :google: Trust me 26 isnt old. im 26 and i have just barely started my life. i so want to get married and have kids. but im content with just testing the waters right now. dont feel old its not that bad. i dont feel old. maybe when i am 35 i will feel old.

  3. I’ll be 39 in a couple of weeks!! 😯 It was bothering me last month but I seemed to have come to some peace with it. Well it sure didn’t hurt when I took Heather school shopping and the lady at Torrid asked if we were sisters :hello2: Hehe!!

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