I hit killed a little squirrel with my car today. He ran out of the bush and I swerved to miss him (there were no other cars around) but the little thing stopped instead of continuing the direction he was going.. the front tires missed him but the back… Well, the back was dead on. Pardon the disgusting pun. My car is so heavy that I didn’t feel it. But I… heard it. *starts to feel sick again*

I’m a horrible human.


7 thoughts on “Dammit

  1. Birds are drawn to my car. i had a bird hit the hood of my car on the freeway and there was nothing I could do. A roadrunner jumped out in front of me and I couldn’t swerve and I ran it over. The worst, though, is a cat I killed. It had been hit and was in the middle of the street. It wasn’t dead because it was trying to move out of the way and it was on Stine just before California on a friday night at Christmas time and there was traffic. I was at the front of the pack, so it hadn’t been that long since the poor thing was hit, but I couldn’t NOT hit it, or I would have caused an accident. I had to pull into the Krispy Kreme parking lot because I was crying so hard. And I don’t even like cats. :/

    Although, a coupel of weeks ago I had a squirrel crawl inside my engine bay while I was at work. Since I couldn’t see it and don’t regularly check under the hood for no reason, I turned my car on. Well, the rodent was hiding under the a/c unit and next to the radiator and diagonal from the timing belt. The thing move and was attacked by the timing belt. It was a mess to clean, and I didn’t find it until the next day and it’s been hot, so it was an unholy mess. ugh. Makes me sick to think about. I have pictures, though! They’re actually not gross…it’s just funny to see a squirrel pelt hiding under your a/c.

  2. Aww…don’t feel so bad it’s not your fault. I always see squirrels running through the streets nd I have had many close calls. And you are, by no means, a “horrible human” for doing something accidently.

  3. I was driving back into town from Taft REALLY early one morning (3am-ish) and as I was turning onto Panama there was a rabbit standing at the side of the road. He saw my headlights and ran INTO the road. What the hell! I was in my parents’ big Acura RL they used to have.. I just heard that sickening crunch and then the car wreaked of roadkill… i HATE the smell of roadkill, for some reason I am ultrasensitive to that smell.

  4. A bunch of girlfriends and i were on our way out to party back in the partying days of high school and a rabbit ran out in front of my truck and i hit it. i felt kinda bad but none of us could stop laughing for the rest of the night!:cherry:

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