Best Boyfriend EVER!!

When I got the nasty headache Wednesday Ben was just amazing. I went to bed when I got home from work and after asking Ben if he’d get Cassidy for me at daycare… I woke up at 7:30 and kinda freaked out becuase I had not fed Cassidy yet and it was already bath time!! She was in the bath, having eaten dinner and I was promptly told to go back to sleep. To those of you non parents that might not seem like a big deal but to me it was huge…

And that’s not to mention that in the last year he’s taught Cassidy to tie her shoes, snap her fingers, to hang up her jacket EVERY time she comes in, to clean up her spot at the table.. all the things that I used to do FOR her because I never assumed she was capable. He’s taught me to let her think for herself more instead of always jumping to her aid… To let her speak for herself, order her own foood at restaurants, let her be an individual. No easy task for a mommy. He’s made me into a better parent. And for that I could enever fully express enough gratitude.

Then to top it all off, I walked in the door Friday to find these on the coffee table… ‘Just because’ :heart: :heart:

I just don’t know how I got so lucky.

3 thoughts on “Best Boyfriend EVER!!

  1. You are a lucky lady and don’t ever forget it! Good men are hard to find these days so cherish him! I too am blessed with an incedible man. He is so awesome and I feel very lucky to have him and knowing I will spend the rest of my life with him puts a big smile on my face. Some people think it’s cheesy but when I look at the couples I know and I compare their relationships to ours I feel so special to have such a great husband! Cheers to love and great men in our lives! :love:

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