Went to the dermatologist yesterday. I’ve been having some issues for awhile now that I want to get checked out…

#1 – The rash is back.

It’s oficially Psoriasis. She gave me an RX for a liquid treatment. She said this should clear it right up. Thank God. The itching on the back of my head was starting to REALLY drive me up the wall across the ceiling and down the other side. It’s bad. Although, not nearly as bad as the amount of flaking. I feel like some kind of inhuman dandruff making machine. 😳

#2 – Spot on right breast.

I had this spot of really rough skin about the size of an eraser head on the outside of my right breast. I thought I should have it checked out because skin cancer runs in my family… a lot. The Dr. told me that it was an ‘age mark’ and that people get them as they get older… then said, ‘Welcome to middle age.’ I had to use my left hand to stop my right hand from giving her the finger. I’m only 25!!! Well, 26 next month. But still!! 😯

She froze it with liquid nitrogen and said it should fall off in a few days.

#3 – Mole on back.

I have had this mole on my back and in the last year it rose. It get’s caught on my pants and bugs the crap out of me so she lanced it off.

#4 – Mole on the right breast.

This poor breast. I feel bad for it. I have a mole on my breast that has grown quite fast in the last year. When she saw told me that it needs to come off immediatley. So.. next Thursday I go in to have it take out. It’s going to leave a 1 inch scar on my breast though. Luckly it’s just below the tan mark from my bathing suit. It’s gong to have to be stitched closed. After it’s out it will be sent to Pathology to be tested.

She seemed concerned that I had not had it taken care of as soon as it started to grow. She actually was trying to make me an appointment to come in TODAY. Corss your fingers for me!! They are cutting a chunk out of my BREAST!!!

2 thoughts on “Skintastic

  1. ahhh the removal of moles! I had a large mole (about the size of a dime, uneven colors, risen) on my back removed when I was about 14. The back is an awful place for scarring.. because its always moving and stretching, so I ended up with a bad heal (exactly what you want to hear, right?). The removal was quick… I laid down on this bed, the doctor and nurse chatted like I wasn’t even there.. they gave me a local anesthetic and that’s all that stung a little. I saw them drop the skin in a jar (with preservitives). Didn’t feel much from the stitches being removed either.

    Being the breast, it should heal fine. It’s not an area that will be stretched very often, its fat tissue and not mostly muscle, and I dunno, maybe they’ll give you disolving stitches. Anyway.. good luck, and look into some vitamin E to rub on the scar.

  2. I was actually really nervous before I read that!!! Thanks, Eu.

    I hate the thought of them cutting that much out of me but I know it need to be done.

    I have some Vitamin E for Cassidy’s face so I’ll use that and see how it works.

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