Yeah, yeah..

So I hated that last layout. Don’t ask me why. I’m a woman.

I just could not look at it anymore… AND I’ve been wanting to start a photoblog for awhile so I thought I’d make a layout fitting that mood to kick it off. So, here it is. I’ve worked on it most of the day and MOST of the content is up. There are some coming soon sign’s in the ‘Me’ section but other than that, it’s all there. (I hope… if you find any error’s let me know.)

So, go check out the photoblog!!! (HINT: click ‘Views’) 😉

7 thoughts on “Yeah, yeah..

  1. No… I actually noticed that yesterday when I finally got around to reinstalling Firefox and Mozilla after my last Windows reinstall.

    Tonight I’m gonna install Opera too and fix it. I’m sure it’s just something I overlooked in the CSS file.

  2. This is a nice layout, but I can’t read your writing without highlighting it. Could you change the color please, because I love reading your blog. 🙂

  3. I see it. And it’s very ironic that you posted that because I’m just about finished designing a new one. It probably won’t be fully coded till sometime next week because everytime I do a redesign I’m trying to add/update the content a little more.

    I’ll make sure to incorporate the blinkie somehow. 😉

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