Revenge shall be bitter…

Somebody stole my butter. MY BUTTER in MY tupperware container. There is a entire TUB of community use butter in the frige and somebody rummaged around enough to find MY LOW FAT BUTTER (in a plastic bag TIED AT THE TOP with the rest of my food in it) and used all of it but a sliver enough to cover ONE corner of ONE on my pieces of toast this morning.

You don’t go and UNTIE somebody elses bag to look through it.

I will find out who did it. My cube is next to the brake room. I can hear the toaster pop.

Revenge will be had. What can you put in butter that won’t make it look different that will tast like ASS? I was thinking ExLax at first but I don’t think the dose would be enough to do major damage if they are just toasting bread… so I’m gonna go with the make-it-taste-like-four-day-old-rotting-meat kind of revenge.


9 thoughts on “Revenge shall be bitter…

  1. Lemon juice. Or you could dissolve a whole lot of exlax and make it really strong. Lemon juice, though, would probably be your best bet. Or mix an assload of salt into it.

  2. LOL!!! When I worked at Kaiser someone always stole my skim milk:evil: It used to piss me off to no end. I was using it to mix with my Slim Fast (diet of the 90’s) so it was my lunch! I finally figured out it was my boss8O I say go for the salt, a TON of it!! Let us know, haha!!

  3. :evil:See if you can get your hands on some epikak. It is what you give people that to make them sick. You could inject it into the butter and I promise that when they eat it you will know who the culprit is. They will be as sick as anything you have ever seen. It’s messy, but it will teach them to leave other peoples food alone.

  4. Try putting your stuff in a container with bold letters that say “property of Anna DO NOT TOUCH OR ELSE!!!!” If that doesn’t work then go with the harsh suggestion, Ipecac!! 👿

  5. Hmm, wonder why that came up annon? Anyway if you would like any other evil ideas just let me know. I am normally good for about twenty evil ideas on any subject.

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