Cassidy put 21 barette’s in her hair tongiht. I know… beause I had to get them all out of her ratted hair before she got into the bathtub. 😯 In this picture you can see the scar on her nose and cheek. I need to get some of those scar reducing pads that Bandaid makes now but the store is ALWAYS out and the Neosporin ones are $40! That’s a little steep for me.. but if they don’t have the Bandaid brand one’s in soon I’m gonna have to break down and buy them. She’s already pretty self-conscious about them.

And here I am while trying to tickle her and not drop the camera.. it’s amazing how ticklish ALMOST 6 year old little girls are. (As you can see if you add a blur effect to hide mom’s shiny un-makeuped skin the scars disappear. ;))

4 thoughts on “Snapshots…

  1. Her scars don’t look bad at all, its really healing nicely! Scars show experience in life…They’ll be very faint eventually if anything at all…and they’ll be something for her to talk about 🙂

  2. Kristen is right, try some Vitamin E oil, it softens the keloids and really helps to decrease the scarring. My plastic surgeon recommends it.

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