It’s high time I get the new domain. Friday when I get paid I’m gonna give the go ahead to get it ordered so by no later than Monday evening it should be up and running.

Again, the new site’s address will not be posted here on AS.com because it is a bit of an attempt to gain some seperation from people I need to be seperated. If you’re a regular visitor don’t dispair… people who have been leaving comments will get the new address.

In addition to the new address I’m opening up hosting so if you’ve been looking for a host, let me know via email antigone78(at)gmail.com. OR, you can always check with Eurcynia as she’s opening up hosting again.

As for the fate of AS.com… Well, when it expires next I’m just going to let it die. This leaves me the problem of where to lead my friend and family. A lot of family like to read the site. They catch up on me and Cassidy and whatever random mood I happen to be in at the time. I just really don’t feel like keeping up with multiple sites. Maybe I’ll combine a site for me, Cassidy & Ben… Maybe just me and Cassidy… If I ever ever get married again then I’d have to change the name AGAIN if I use a family name… I just don’t know.

I keep coming back to maybe I’ll just give out the new damn domain and use WordPress to password protect everything that I don’t want to get out… but I know that it wouldn’t be THAT hard to work around if people really wanted to. ARGH!

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  1. Set up ablog at BlogSpot or LiveJournal or something for the friends and family you don’t want to see the new site. It allows you the important stuff (the day to day stuff, announcements, etc.) without all the stuff they already know (bio sections) and don’t need to know. You could use Cassidy’s site, or a free site for photo hosting and keep the blog separated from the new domain. And if you wanted you could always link the blog/journal to the new site. *shrug* Just an idea. :thumb:

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